Twitter's Top Data Science, Analytics, And BI Feeds

Twitter is a veritable playground for data scientists looking to scrape and analyze public data. But it's also a great place to learn about what data scientists, business intelligence practitioners, and analytics experts are thinking. Here are 11 of our favorites on Twitter.
Monica Rogati
Bob Rogers
Bill Schmarzo
Michael Draugelis
Hilary Mason
Lisa Kart
Merv Adrian
Gregory Piatetsky
Carla Gentry
Jennifer Belissent
Beth Simone Noveck

Twitter is a great place to look for big data insights. The social media platform, with its short messages, short bios, hashtags, and simple privacy settings, is a veritable playground for anyone with a desire to scrape unstructured data and do analysis.

Organizations have analyzed Twitter data for insight into elections and candidatesentertainment and awards, and public health, to name a few categories. All the major political candidates have Twitter accounts, as do celebrities. Twitter offers account holders a dashboard view into their own stats for the last month -- how many tweets, new followers, profile views, and more.

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But if you want to get really meta about it, who are the most interesting and smart people who talk about analytics and big data on Twitter? InformationWeek used a highly unscientific method to separate the signal from the noise for you -- human curation of Twitter accounts.

We've put together this list of some of the most influential and thought-provoking practitioners and idea-spreaders in data science, big data, and analytics who have Twitter accounts.

We have practicing data scientists, engineers creating tools for data science, career business intelligence pros who are leading the next generation into analytics, analysts who research and follow the trends in data science, and others.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Like Twitter itself, it is a slice, and it's a snapshot in time. But if you follow these accounts on Twitter, you will get a good feel for the big issues today in data science and what is on the minds of top thinkers in the space.

But maybe you have some favorites you follow who you think should have been chosen for this list. Or maybe you should be on this list yourself. If you know of other great Twitter accounts about analytics, big data, data science, and business intelligence that people should follow, please add them in the comments section below -- and make sure to follow me @jessicadavis.

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