Editor's Note: Wireless Advice: Let's Get On With It

Just get over it." That's the advice John Parkinson, VP and chief technologist for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Americas region...

Stephanie Stahl, Contributor

March 28, 2003

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Just get over it." That's the advice John Parkinson, VP and chief technologist for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Americas region, sometimes gives CIOs who worry that giving employees mobile devices and wireless access to data will cause them to lose too much control of the computing environment. With the technology that's available, the networks being deployed, and the convenience wireless technology offers to the business worker, resistance is futile. It's best to embrace it and invest in the tools to make employees more productive while also setting appropriate security measures and policies.

The last time I wrote about my personal excitement about being able to work remotely from Starbucks, I was told by several readers to chill out, enjoy life, and stop being a workaholic. So, let me offer this disclaimer right up front--I have a life, but I still want the convenience of getting my E-mail or connecting to other apps whenever I want or need to. It will, in fact, make my life much easier. The same could be true for a salesperson, a doctor, or a supply-chain manager.

Fortunately, the mobile and wireless market is poised for growth. It's gone through what seems to be a regular phenomenon: hype, overhype, and disappointment. More recently, Parkinson says, it's gone through an unobserved surge in demand. So now it's time for the boom. Hardware continues to advance, with multiple PC makers installing new mobile-chip technologies from Intel and AMD and a new generation of data-ready phones hitting the market; software development will get a boost from huge R&D investments from Microsoft and others in mobility platforms and development tools; and Wi-Fi networks are making their way into more airports, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and office buildings.

So, what's holding you back?

Stephanie Stahl
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