How To Switch Out Your Substandard Nintendo 3DS Battery

Here's the proper procedure to swap out a bad Nintendo 3DS batter.

Jacob Lopez, Contributor

June 20, 2011

2 Min Read

Lots of people complain about the Nintendo 3DS battery life problem. It's too ridiculously short. On a full charge, the 3DS will get you about three to five hours of play depending on your settings.

That's practically nada for a handheld gaming device player who really uses it. Noting that use of a third-party battery will void your warranty, here's how to switch out your Nintendo battery.

For this project, you'll need a #0 phillips-head screwdriver and a new Nintendo 3DS Battery Pack (about $15, check out Nintendo for this.). Using a third-party battery is possible, sure, but doing so will void your warranty. Just saying. Weigh whether money savings are worth it, or whether you have the tech jobs to not care about voiding the warranty.

First, make absolute sure that your 3DS is powered OFF and unplugged. Otherwise this little project could hurt. Try to avoid making the Darwin Awards online. Man killed while switching out a game system battery. Stay alive. Turn it off and check it twice. Or more. Seriously. BYTE isn't responsible for your ignoring this key advice.

Now remove the back panel and battery. The four screws on the back panel are not removable, so all you have to do is loosen them. And careful with the 3DS when you're using that screwdriver. No scratching that pricey toy. That would be too slack.

The cover lifts easily off.

This reveals the battery.

Pop the battery up and out.

Now take your extra battery and push it into place as pictured below.

Next grab the 3DS back panel and fit it back into place.

Tighten the four screws--don't overdo it. And make sure that your back panel is securely in place.

Power up your 3DS once again. Though your date and time settings will be reset to their defaults of 1/1/11 and 0:00, don't worry. All other data will be fine.

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