DOS Won't Hunt: Mailchimp’s Eric Muntz on Engineering Leadership

Technology advocate for the email marketing and automation platform talks about steering engineering teams to deliver on projects in short order.

Is it more effective to “move fast and break stuff” to accelerate a project or to find ways to communicate changes with engineering teams with a more methodical approach?

Coming up on his 13th anniversary with Mailchimp, Eric Muntz recently shifted from serving as CTO for the company to his current role as technology advocate for the company. During his tenure with Mailchimp, he has led engineering teams through "project sprints" where they move at an accelerated pace while incorporating customer feedback.

This is particularly important in a market that expects continuous delivery and nimble response time, if not AI-backed automation to development. So before the likes of ChatGPT further infiltrate the engineering scene, Muntz spoke on the podcast about finding ways to deliver fast, learn from hiccups, and balance development while being mindful of crunch and grind.

Listen to the full episode of "DOS Won't Hunt" for more:

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