Grand Theft Auto Critic Faces Misconduct Charges

A Miami lawyer's tirade included letters to judges, game makers and the backers of Howard Stern's radio show.

K.C. Jones, Contributor

February 6, 2007

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A lawyer who has crusaded against video game violence faces disbarment proceedings over allegations of professional misconduct.

Jack Thompson tried to prevent Bully from hitting the market and sued video game makers claiming they caused real-life violence. He also waged a letter-writing campaign to call attention to his cause, which is to stop violence and sex in media.

In a 40-page brief, the Florida Bar Association said this week that it is currently attempting to discipline him. The association still lists the Miami-area lawyer as a member in good standing while he faces proceedings. Thompson did not return calls for comment.

Thompson has written dozens of letters and filed complaints criticizing an Alabama judge, a law firm representing video game makers, the video game makers themselves and backers of Howard Stern's radio show. The letters sent to the president, the U.S. attorney general, the Alabama Bar Association, a former Republican National Committee chairman and others, state that Thompson is being targeted in a conspiracy by several corrupt groups and individuals.

Thompson has filed lawsuits in several states and complaints against an Alabama judge, lawyers and private companies. He claimed in one case that opposing counsel was in cahoots with a judge. He warned some letter recipients that they have put themselves in harm's way, according to papers filed in the disbarment proceedings.

He has said that video games like Bully, Doom and Grand Theft Auto go against Christian beliefs and teach young generations of American boys to rape and murder, contributing to a culture of death. He has said video games encourage teens to behave violently and has argued that several fatal school shootings, including Columbine, occurred after perpetrators watched violent video games.

Thompson's ire spread to several law professionals involved in the lawsuits he filed. The disbarment proceedings resulted from separate grievances filed by people claiming that Thompson made false statements and attempted to humiliate, embarrass, harass or intimidate them, according to documents in the case.

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