10 Leading Female CIOs

While women are still underrepresented in IT, quite a few of the world's largest organizations have female CIOs.

Within IT departments around the globe, men outnumber women by a wide margin. However, a significant number of female technology leaders have risen to the upper ranks of management at some of the world's largest companies.

In its 2017 Women in Technology survey, IT industry group ISACA noted that only 21% of tech managers are women. In addition, 87% of the women tech workers surveyed were somewhat or very concerned about the number of women their industry, and only 8% said they had never experienced gender bias in the workforce.

Still, not all the news is bad.

In researching the leading female chief information officers for this slideshow, InformationWeek started at the top of the Fortune 500 list and looked up the CIO at each. One might assume that these very large companies might be some of the toughest places for women to break through the glass ceiling. However, at least 10 of the top 50 organizations on the list had female CIOs. In addition, quite a few more had female CIOs who have recently moved on to positions of greater power within their organizations.

These women CIOs aren't just maintaining the status quo and "keeping the lights on." Many are driving innovation at their organizations with projects focused on digital transformation and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Many are transforming IT from a cost center into a department that generates substantial revenue for their company. And several aren't involved only in IT. They serve multiple management roles and sit on the executive committees that are directing the strategy for their organizations.

The following slides highlight 10 women who are CIOs of some of the world's largest organizations and whose careers and accomplishments are worth note.

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