CipherTrust Debuts Enterprise Security Products

TrustedSource Portal enables troubleshooting by administrators; IronMail Edge that provides an outer layer of security at the network edge to protect against malicious e-mail threats before they hit a network.

John Dickinson, Contributor

August 28, 2005

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CipherTrust today announced the launch of TrustedSource Portal, a free online resource that provides information about e-mail sender reputation by domain and IP address. Simultaneously the company launched a new high-performance edge-based messaging security appliance called IronMail Edge that provides an outer layer of security at the network edge to protect against malicious e-mail threats before they hit an enterprise network, and the latest version of its gateway security appliance, IronMail Gateway 6.0.. All products are powered by CipherTrust's TrustedSource global threat correlation engine.

TrustedSource Portal provides a single view of the four primary e-mail authentication standards designed to minimize phishing, fraud and spam. DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) SenderID, and Sender Policy Framework are all represented.

"Our approach to effectively stop spam, fraud and phishing attacks combines local analysis at the gateway with the global intelligence provided by our TrustedSource reputation system," said Jay Chaudhry, CEO, Chairman and Founder of CipherTrust. "The launch of the TrustedSource Portal provides our customers with a unique view of global e-mail sender reputations to better understand their messaging environments." The TrustedSource Portal enables troubleshooting by administrators who can use it to research and analyze various senders that may be sending mail into their environments. Administrators can also view current and historical reputation and sending patterns of the senders, as well as analytical information such as country of origin, network ownership, and hosts for known senders for each domain.

TrustedSource Portal also provides a snapshot of global e-mail trends including a map illustrating country of origin for e-mail attacks, trended overall e-mail and spam volume graphs, CipherTrust's ZombieMeter, a directory of information about the e-mail authentication status of each sender and a snapshot view of e-mail authentication deployments across the Internet. IronMail Edge is designed for high performance in large enterprises, and can handle three million messages per hour. The product also effectively rejects more than 50 percent of e-mail connections by identifying them as being from a malicious source, and prevents them from ever entering the corporate network.

Because of this reduction in e-mail volume, the number of mail servers needed by an enterprise user may be reduced, resulting in significant savings by decreasing both administrative overhead and storage requirements.

In addition, because IronMail Edge drops the connection without accepting the e-mail message, the bandwidth required for processing e-mails may also be significantly reduced. An additional feature is that if a mail transfer agent goes down, IronMail Edge's failure recovery feature provides storage and forwarding capabilities.

"We are very excited to provide this powerful new approach for our customers," said Dr. Paul Q. Judge, CTO of CipherTrust. "IronMail Edge is three times faster than any other messaging security device on the market and reduces the burden of processing and quarantining unwanted messages."

IronMail Gateway 6.0 adds several new features to the company’s flagship offering to stop inbound e-mail threats, protect against outbound policy and compliance violations and improve the overall user experience. In addition, the new version includes improved enterprise integration, easier implementation and daily maintenance, and advanced reporting.

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