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Cathleen Gagne, Managing Editor, InformationWeek

June 16, 2020

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July 2020

How COVID is Changing Technology Futures

Accenture released its Technology Vision 2020 report in February, but then COVID hit. Here's how the pandemic is changing technology futures according to the company.

Tales of the Work From Home World

Whether COVID-19 causes your organization to return to work-from-home or not, here are some remote work tips for managers and employees.

Gartner Forecast Sees 7.3% Shrinkage in IT Spending for 2020

Revenue uncertainty triggered by the pandemic could push CIOs with tighter budgets to migrate to cloud resources, according to research company.

How Data-Driven Investments Paid Off in Pandemic

When restaurants shut down, they set off a chain reaction all the way up the supply chain. Here's how one regional gourmet food distributor was able to pivot quickly.

Robotics Will Prevail Over Other Tech Sectors Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robotics in roles normally reserved for susceptible humans, but which robotics applications will thrive once we get ahead of the virus?

Leading Through Uncertainty: Tech Execs Talk 2020

The year 2020 has tested the leadership skills of many top tech execs, and at HPE's Discover virtual event, a panel of women executives shared their experiences.

Rethinking Technology Road Maps for the Second Half of 2020

Businesses are now able to look again at the future of technology and their technology road maps in a new light -- and many realize that their priorities have drastically changed.

How CTOs Can Innovate Through Disruption in 2020

CTOs and other IT leaders need to invest in innovation to emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis ready for the next opportunities.

June 2020

IT Career Paths You May Not Have Considered

As IT continues to expand into new areas, there are lots of potential career moves. Some lie outside the IT department.

CCA Turns to Analytics to Better Monitor Vulnerable Patients

Looker's COVID-19 Data Block and the Google Cloud platform boost healthcare provider's predictive analysis for patient care.

CIOs Shift IT Budgets Amid COVID Crisis

CIOs have shifted their budgets to fund the great migration to enable employees to work from home, even as they are rethinking investments to make going forward.

10 Cyberattacks on the Rise During the Pandemic

Cybercrime and cyber espionage have skyrocketed during COVID-19 lockdowns. Are your work-from-home employees aware of these security traps?

Corporate Governance in the Era of Offsite Employees

Here are six questions CIOs should ask themselves to assure that corporate governance and security are "up to the task" for remote work.

Post-Pandemic: Tech Risk Considerations

While the full extent of the impact is not yet known, the following guidelines can help tech risk managers in successfully addressing the many challenges companies are facing now -- and later.

Study: Cloud Migration Gaining Momentum

A new survey finds that organizations plan to migrate the majority of their applications to the cloud over the next year. Microservices and SRE are also gaining steam.

The Future of Work: Best Managed with Agility, Diversity, Resilience

The pandemic has had an uneven impact on businesses and industries. However, the common thread has been rapid and sometimes dramatic change.

Tech Giants Back Off Selling Facial Recognition AI to Police

Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft have all taken steps to stop making their facial recognition AI software available to the police. Now it's time for lawmakers to set some rules.

Should IT Professionals Retrain for a New Normal?

Tech workers coping with changing roles or a job loss due to the pandemic may have to realign their skillset to get back in the running.

Will Remote IT and Gig-based Teams Lead the Future of Work?

An assessment of projects managed by Gigster show increased interest among enterprises to use for-hire expertise.

IT Careers: Planning Your Future When the Future Is Uncertain

Increasing levels of economic uncertainty and fast-paced technology change mean IT professionals should look at their career paths differently.

Revisiting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Best-of-class DR/BC plans cover both IT and the business. Unfortunately, in many companies, the emphasis for recovery is on the IT, and not on business operations.

10 Tips for Managing a Remote DevOps Team

The pandemic has many DevOps teams working from home. Here's how to help your team succeed under what may be very different circumstances.

Exploring Edge Computing as a Complement to the Cloud

5G networks and the substantial shift to remote operations are making edge computing a new frontier for digital transformation in the enterprise.

How Cloud Is Enabling Autonomous Systems

The soft economy just gave cloud adoption a shove. Get ready for more autonomous IT resources.

Survey on Agile Hints at Further Acceleration Under COVID-19

Responses show increased adoption of the methodology across more tiers of their organizations and closer ties between business and IT.

How Atlassian IT Strategy Eased Crisis Management

Can strategy and IT budget planning help an organization weather a crisis like COVID-19? Here's how it helped at Atlassian.

Data and Analytics Pros Navigate Job Market Changes

Data scientists, machine learning specialists and other data and analytics pros are seeing a changes to the job market in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. What will the lasting impacts be?

May 2020

IT Trade Shows Go Virtual: Your 2020 List of Events

Virtual IT events and trade shows are popping up everywhere this summer and fall. Even if your travel budget has been cut, you can still make it to these.

Why AI Ethics Is Even More Important Now

Contact-tracing apps are fueling more AI ethics discussions, particularly around privacy. The longer term challenge is approaching AI ethics holistically.

IT Careers: 10 Industries with Job Openings Right Now

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy, many IT workers have experienced layoffs and unpaid furloughs. But not all the news is grim if you know where to look.

Back to the Office: Planning a Successful IT Transition

So many tech decisions were made on the fly to enable a remote workforce. Which will stick and which will be thrown out as enterprise offices start to reopen?

Cloud Strategies Aren't Just About Digital Transformation Anymore

Cloud migrations are accelerating in the wake of the pandemic. The new normal is even more virtual.

How to Optimize Productivity in Fragmented Workplaces

With fast-changing markets, fragmented teams, and unprecedented business disruption, how can new work management approaches help leaders maintain productivity on the right work?

Will Contact-Tracing Apps Win the Battle?

There are weaknesses and obstacles in the way, but in lieu of a vaccine and widespread testing for COVID-19, contact-tracing apps might be at least a useful interim tactic.

Smoothing Out the Edges for Remote Digital Worker Experience

IT teams are facing a new normal with the shift to remote work. Here are some key steps they may not be considering (but should) to improve the digital experience.

10 Ways to Prepare Your IT Organization for the Next Crisis

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic can help IT leaders and managers get ready for the next emergency.

IT Leadership in Education: Getting Online School Right

Even before so many schools across the country pivoted to online learning in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, some schools had already pioneered how to do it.

Are You Firing the Wrong People?

Organizations are reducing their workforces to reduce costs, but they may be sacrificing long-term stability for short-term savings.

IT Spending Forecast: Unfortunately, It's Going to Hurt

Gartner is forecasting an IT spending decline of 8% in 2020 with devices as the hardest hit category. Public cloud spending, however, will rise.

Suddenly Remote: What the Open Source Community Can Teach Us

Many individuals prefer to collaborate in person. But as a community that has operated remotely since its inception, the open source world can teach us a thing or two to ease the transition.

Adapting Cloud Security and Data Management Under Quarantine

With remote operations in place, organizations face mixed IT environments that could raise new concerns as they maintain operations.

Security Mistakes Your Work from Home Employees are Making

The new WFH environment, schedule freedoms and distractions are causing many to slip up and put sensitive company data at risk.

COVID-19 IT Layoffs and the Future of Work

Layoffs hit technology jobs in April, too, as the COVID-19 shock wave whacked employment, and organizations may be accelerating their automation plans to protect workers and cut costs.

Evolving IT into a Remote Workforce

Is it possible to transition most IT staff members into a remote workforce? How would this impact IT organizations, and what would be the challenges?

Has AI Failed the Pandemic Test?

In the first real test of AI in a crisis, the results are mixed. While many individual applications are helping, the tech remains immature and unable to address complex public policy issues.

How CIOs Can Harness AI to Fight the Coronavirus

Government and healthcare CIOs are on the front lines of deploying technology to fight COVID-19. Here are five places where artificial intelligence can help.

IBM Think Digital Explores How Cloud Can Accelerate Agility

Opening sessions from the online conference offered insights on technologies that businesses might focus on to grow beyond the pandemic.

Enterprises Plan for Return to Workplace

Businesses are considering what the new normal workplace will look like, including social distancing, plexiglass, PPE and, in some cases, contact tracing tools.

Why Everyone's Data and Analytics Strategy Just Blew Up

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting data and analytics strategies in profound ways. Experts explain what your company should be doing right now.

Managing FOMO While Working Remotely

Remote work and communication styles that arise with it will not disappear after the current pandemic concerns ease. Here’s how IT teams can play a vital role in managing this.

Don’t Forget the Human Side of Remote Working

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is blindly following a prescriptive list of one-size-fits-all tips and solutions for remote work.

April 2020

Next Steps for Cloud Infrastructure Beyond the Pandemic

Organizations have long-term decisions, shaped by their responses to COVID-19, to make on cloud and digital transformation.

Welcome to the Era of Extreme Agile

Extreme circumstances necessitate extreme agility. Here's how to weather the storm amid widespread, systemic change.

Putting Cloud Resources to Work On COVID-19 Research

A fund to support projects studying the virus offers to make cloud technology more accessible to the research teams that aim to turn the tide on the pandemic.

Apps That May Help Enterprises Get Through the Pandemic

With many organizations altering their operations in response to COVID-19, there are applications available that could aid in adapting to the current circumstances.

CFOs: COVID-19 Work-from-Home Plans May Be Permanent

When the crisis began, there was a scramble to move workers home. Now CFOs are considering making those positions permanently remote to help with cutting efforts.

Enterprise Risk Teams Tackle Coronavirus Troubles 

Enterprise risk management teams are on the job evaluating supply chains, cybersecurity risks, remote work issues, and other challenges as business confronts the impacts and opportunities brought by COVID-19.

COBOL, COVID-19, and Coping with Legacy Tech Debt

Pressures from the pandemic expose risks of waiting too long to transform, get agile, and establish a path for scaling up.

Businesses Rewrite 2020 Budgets and Plans Amid COVID-19

A few new surveys of executives and business leaders provide some insight into shifting plans as industry weathers the coronavirus pandemic.

We Will Need All the Automation We Can Get

Once the pandemic is behind us, even greater employment demands lie ahead.

Analytics Pros Called to Duty in COVID-19 Crisis

Professionals who work in the field of analytics are being called on to apply their expertise as executives make decisions on how to respond to wildly different business conditions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

March 2020

Cloud Scalability Shows Its Worth in the Wake of COVID-19

Gartner discusses how organizations rely on the cloud infrastructure to keep up with their needs during the pandemic.

6 Areas of Focus to Rewire Your Company for Digital Transformation Success

The focus on technology to deliver business change means that IT departments today must be able to translate an enterprise's transformation objectives into a roadmap for achieving those goals. (Network Computing)

Infrastructure Visibility Critical in the Cloud and On-Premises

Network infrastructure visibility can be elusive when you have apps and infrastructure spread across multiple cloud and data center properties. (Network Computing)

5 Things Companies Can Do (Right Now) to Secure Their Backups

Having policies and procedures in place that outline how your organization handles backups is crucially important, especially during a time of near-universal remote work. (Network Computing)

CompTIA Grants Extensions, Options for Certification Exams

At a time when many organizations have turned to remote operations, technology association CompTIA is finding ways to continue its training and certification programs.

Kaggle Competition Aims AI at COVID-19

A challenge on the data science community site Kaggle is asking great minds to apply machine learning to battle the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Supercomputers Recruited to Work on COVID-19 Research

A consortium forms to crunch data that might help researchers get a better understanding of the virus faster.

COVID-19: Using Data to Map Infections, Hospital Beds, and More

The spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and the resources to fight it, are being tracked and mapped by governments and other organizations in the US and the world. Here's how they are doing it.

CIOs: Here’s How to Boost Your Business Model Resilience

This five-phase approach will help chief information officers and IT leaders maintain continuity of operations during the coronavirus outbreak -- and other critical times.

How Startup Innovation Can Help Enterprises Face COVID-19

Disruptive ideas can give organizations ways to maintain operations in a time of quarantines and social distancing.

Pitfalls to Avoid in the COVID-19 Rush to Work from Home

As everybody rushes to set up workstations at home amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, there are some obstacles to avoid.

Cloud Security Planning in the Time of Social Distancing

With organizations compelled to push work out to remote, cloud security becomes a very tangible matter.

C-Suite Taps IT Leaders Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Businesses are confident overall in their ability to weather the storm caused by coronavirus COVID-19 disruptions, and technology is playing a strong role in the C-suite.

Developing a Continuity Plan for the Post-Coronavirus World

These baseline business continuity strategies will help ensure your organization is positioned to keep operations going even as the business environment is upended.

The Role of AI in the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

AI can spot patterns in data and make predictions, and the hope is these tools could identify drug prospects to test on humans within months.

Coronavirus: 8 Tech Tips for Working From Home

Here's a collection of tools, technologies, and tips to help you out in case you need to telecommute during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Plan: How IT Can Enable Remote Work

Is your organization prepared to implement widespread remote work to protect employees against coronavirus? Here's what you need to do.

February 2020

Getting Up to Speed on 5G

The 5G rollout is underway. How will this next-generation wireless technology impact you and your organization? (Network Computing)

Fighting the Coronavirus with Analytics and GIS

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a global emergency. Here's how governments and the general public are using analytics to track the outbreak.

January 2020

How To Keep Your Privacy and Data Secure While Working With a Remote Team

Implementing basic strategies can ensure your remote team's work will be secure, data will be protected, and you'll be far less exposed to security risks. (Network Computing)

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