10 iPad Problems, Solved

Don't let iPad annoyances drive you crazy or steal your time. We've chased down solutions to vexing iPad problems.

Jeff Bertolucci, Contributor

February 15, 2012

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I can't print from my iPad! I can't read PDFs! I can't view PowerPoint presentations! Have you uttered any of these phrases yourself--or heard them in the office? Apple iPad annoyances don't just steal user time anymore. They steal IT's time.

A recent study by Forrester Research confirms a trend that was hard to miss during the past two years: People are bringing their personal iPads to work. And the iPad-at-work phenomenon is part of a larger trend, the Apple-ification of the enterprise.

In fact, 21% of information workers worldwide now use one or more Apple products for work, according to Forrester. Macs and iPhones are popular, naturally, but the iPad has found its niche in the business world, particularly among executives.

"Of course, the iPad added to this phenomena, which is visible when you walk down the aisle of long-haul flights in the U.S.--there are lots of iPads, especially in first class," writes Forrester analyst Frank Gillett in a recent blog post.

So corner-office residents, younger workers, and highly-paid staff all love their iPads, the Forrester study shows. But if Apple's slate--and the tablet in general--is to become ubiquitous across multiple industries, enhancements are necessary.

A recent survey of 100 healthcare IT managers by BizTechReports, a research firm, and Panasonic shows that "consumer-grade" tablets like the iPad create new challenges for the health industry, including security issues involving patients' privacy and personal information.

"The results of the survey reveal that consumerization in general--and the launch of the Apple's iPad in particular--has created a conundrum for healthcare CIOs and their IT departments. Pressure to adopt and integrate these technologies is driven by the fact that customer service and end-user satisfaction is an increasingly important metric against which the success or failure of technology organizations are measured," the report states.

The iPad invasion at work brings usability issues that can impact IT departments. For instance, if iPad-toting workers can't open PDFs or Microsoft Office files on their tablets, they may seek assistance from busy IT staffers. Luckily, there are several easy and cheap software applications, including Good.iWare's GoodReader, that enhance the iPad's weak file-viewing capabilities. And another app, SlideShark, allows iPad users to view and show PowerPoint presentations.

Enterprises must prepare for iPads and other tablets, obviously, and the time to do so is now. Here are 10 iPad annoyances that you can easily remedy with some simple--but not always inexpensive--software and hardware enhancements.

Did you know an iPad can grow an arm, so you can use it without holding it? Or that you can charge multiple iPads from one charger? Check out our list of common problems and solutions. We've even cracked the printing problem.

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