(SPONSORED) Planning IT strategy with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror has presented a two-pronged question to organizations. How does IT support the running of today’s business in the face of dynamic disruption while still transforming to adapt for the future? It’s a digital dilemma facing many organizations.

October 11, 2021

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Where is your organization in today’s digital economy?

The pandemic has impacted every organization in one way or another. The unlucky ones have barely survived, or worse (think shopping malls and restaurants), while the fortunate ones witnessed unprecedented demand (think internet retailers and online collaboration tools).

No matter where you fall on that continuum in the digital economy, you are likely facing a digital dilemma. For IT, finding that balancing point is the goal -- between running today to maintain business continuity, and transforming to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by business transformation. And enterprises are certainly anxious to transform. IDC predicts that spending on transformation solutions will reach 6.8 trillion by 2023.

The Delicate Art of Balance

In IT, effectively running a dynamic and complex IT environment while efficiently transforming it for the future is the difference between growth and setback. But accomplishing both at the same time isn’t easy. Organizations must find that delicate balance where they can “fly the plane while it’s being built.” It’s no good offering a ground-breaking future-state solution if the effort jeopardizes current business. Conversely, there’s no long-term value in a robust solution that supports today’s business model but is inflexible to future change.

Tackling that conundrum is precisely what the Micro Focus concept of Run and Transform supports. It embodies solutions designed to support a robust, reliable here and now, while simultaneously providing the solutions for the change needed by today’s organizations.

How we go about Run and Transform is by helping IT deliver value in four specific outcome areas:

1. Accelerate Application Delivery

IT teams must deliver greater application value more quickly than ever before. Micro Focus helps organizations run their business today by reliably scaling Agile and DevOps practices across all their environments, from mainframe to cloud, and all hybrid points in between. Looking ahead, we also support transformation by combining value stream principles and enterprise scale to make the software factory more intelligent and efficient. Aeronautics giant, Airbus, used Micro Focus to “shorten our project timeframes, saving us time and money” and, they determined, “efficient and agile development and testing practices are supporting our competitive market position”.

2. Strengthen Cyber Resilience

Cybersecurity failures make unpleasant headlines. To tackle today’s security challenges, Micro Focus strengthens cyber resilience. We help protect what matters most by detecting, responding to, and assisting with recovery from threat actors. More importantly, we can help customers intelligently evolve security to prevent advanced threats through security analytics for hybrid environments. US telecoms leader T-Mobile says the Micro Focus “solution helps us meet our ambitious AppSec goals, now and in the future.”

3. Simplify IT Transformation

Managing ever-changing IT operations remains a key ingredient to successful IT provision. Micro Focus helps organizations run by simplifying the complexity of managing traditional and cloud services through a Digital Factory approach. It frees up resources to accelerate their transformation by integrating or replacing incompatible tools collected over decades with OPTIC, a unified IT Center of Excellence platform. Telco giant Vodafone has “noticed an alarm reduction rate of 70%” and can monitor enterprise-wide IT issues thanks to 200 tool integrations available in the Micro Focus solution.”

4. Analyze in Time to Act

The volume and variety of data generated has further diverged and accelerated. Today, Micro Focus helps organizations run by unifying analytics without requiring all the data to be in one place. And we help organizations transform by delivering the performance at scale needed for accurate and actionable business insights. Business intelligence firm Domo, recognizes the Micro Focus advanced analytics solution as “revolutionary in its simplicity.”

Balancing the Digital Scale

The rules of business have changed dramatically in the last couple of years. Upheaval in technology usage, engagement models, supply chains, organizational structures, and customer expectations have forced an abrupt review of IT strategy.

Those who can quickly transform to create new business opportunities are most likely to achieve long-term success. But it’s only possible by continuing to support the very dynamic demands of today. An approach that balances both shorter- and longer-term goals is vital. Successful organizations will embrace the dual requirements of current and future IT provisions -- they must run and transform at the same time.

Digital Dilemma? Meet Trusted Solution.

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. We’ve been helping our customers solve their digital dilemmas for over 40 years.

Our mission-critical technologies and services help more than 40,000 customers worldwide manage core IT elements of their business. Strengthened by a top-10 patent portfolio and expert professional services, our broad set of technology for security, IT operations, application delivery, governance, modernization, and analytics provide the innovative solutions you need to simultaneously run and transform and solve your digital dilemma.

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