Apple Watch 2: 8 Features We Really Want

Apple Watch is barely here, and yet the rumor mill is churning in full force about Watch 2. Here are some of our own ideas on what we'd like to see Apple do next.

David Wagner, Executive Editor, Community & IT Life

June 21, 2015

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The Apple Watch is barely out and the rumors for the next version are already heating up. That's probably because the first version is a little underwhelming. Some of the hoped-for features, such as the ability to use FaceTime on the watch, didn't materialize. So now, of course, that's one of the rumors for the next version.

Others rumors we've heard include WiFi capability, updated (pricey) designs, and increased capability independent of the iPhone. One of the biggest complaints, lack of battery life, is not being addressed yet.

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If these rumors give you a case of the blahs, I can see why. They're not all that amazing. Here are eight things we'd like to see from Apple Watch 2, plus two bonus products we wish Apple would make next.

Eight Apple Watch Ideas We'd Love To See

1. Next-gen Apple Watches will display your net worth at all times so you don't have to keep buying the next most expensive one as a status symbol.


2. When you absentmindedly look at your watch in hopes a boring meeting or date is near its end, Siri will automatically call you and pretend to be a sick relative.

3. New versions of Apple Watch will adjust to how often you are late for meetings and give fake times to make sure you are punctual.

4. The latest version will feature a camera on the face, and one on the reverse side, like your iPhone has.

5. The newest fitness apps for the watch will count standing in line for the latest Apple Watch as exercise.

6. A "dueling Siri's" feature will have the watch and the phone compete to see which can be most helpful. They'll also play a mean banjo.

7. To compensate for complaints about slow app performance, future Apple Watches will be referred to as having "Swiss Movement."

8. "Share your heart rate" feature will be set to automatically inform all of your friends if your heart rate flatlines, so they can race to find your body and be the first to steal the gadget.

Two Gadgets We Want Apple To Make Next

1. Along with Apple Watch, Apple would plan a new Apple Jet Pack for next year. Why build a self-driving car when the real secret to eliminating traffic is in such a Jetsons-like invention? Fire-resistant black turtlenecks will be sold to prevent user burns from jet pack exhaust.

2. The Apple iRing -- because while you are holding your phone in your right hand and wearing your watch on your left wrist, you need something to tell you when you've got a text.

What do you want to see Apple do next? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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