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BlackBerry 10 Images Leaked

A sexier, more modern BlackBerry may be in the offing, one which takes many cues from the competition's products.

Jacob Lopez

February 15, 2012

3 Min Read

Web site CrackBerry has received a handful of images supposedly showing off BlackBerry 10. According to their report, the images came to them by way of email. Attached to the email wars a 14-page PDF file that seemed to be put together by on RIM's external ad agencies. It had some details on the latest version of BlackBerry OS.

You can click on any if the images below to open a larger version. All images are courtesy of CrackBerry.

The images included in the document showed off BlackBerry 10 running on BlackBerry 7 phones, specifically Torch 9860s and 9810s, or at least that's what the report says. There are only four images, but here's what was found:

This screen sports large quick-launch tiles that look a lot like Microsoft's MetroUI from Windows Phone and Windows 8. It's apparent that RIM designers and engineers have started paying attention to the competition. What's unclear, however, is if this is a theme or skin, an individual app, widgets on a home screen or an individual internet based application. Its also unclear how deeply this type of interface will be seen throughout BB10.

The home screen or app tray of BlackBerry 10 has the tiled icon look reminiscent of iOS, perhaps even a scaled-down version of the OS running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unlike iOS, it does not have a dock near the bottom of the screen, but that's probably for the better, as Apple and their legal department have been working overtime lately. Anything too similar to the popular iOS interface may have Apple quickly filing suit. On this screen, however, you can see a background along with small square icons used to launch applications. This particular shot only shows one screen of applications. Its unclear how BB10 will handle a number of applications greater than what is seen here

Blackberry's claim to fame has always been its groundbreaking push email service. Here you can see that the inbox has also redesigned with a fresh, new look; and takes a cue from the PlayBook. At this time, its unclear from what can be seen in this shot if the email app will have the same or enhanced functionality over what has been seen so far in the Playbook. As CrackBerry points out, it's worth noting the names within the app, which includes Erica Josefsson, who is a RIM employee. If anything, that lends a bit of credence to the legitimacy of these photos.

Last is the call screen. The new OS has added a video chat feature. This tells us two things: video chat is in, and the hardware this ships with the new OS will have a front-facing camera. It also looks much more modern than past versions of the OS. It also tells us that the device that's used here is not part of that new group of enhanced devices. It looks very much like a Storm or Storm 2, and it's unclear if there's a front facing camera.

Much of what is shown in these images seems to borrow from currently popular mobile operating systems. The documents seem official, and the pictures aren't poorly-taken or fuzzy. Perhaps we will see information to an official capacity in the near future. Controlled leaks are not unheard of. Perhaps RIM needs all the help they can get with the increased popularity of rival operating systems, especially as large customers are abandoning BlackBerry for iPhone at a rapid pace.

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