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Steve Wylie, Contributor

May 13, 2008

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While Irwin is Tungling, I'm Tweeting. But at the risk of labeling myself "un-cool" I need to ask - are people finding practical uses for Twitter in business? For those even less cool than I, Twitter is one of several micro-blogging platforms that allow short (usually fewer than 200 characters), text-based updates to people in your network. The Twitter entry on Wikipedia references some very interesting uses of micro-blogging including communication between firemen during the 2007 California wildfires. That's a great example, but what about the rest of us regular, non-firefighting people? What's in this for us?Twitter is one of those technologies that people either just don't get or can't get enough of. I think I "get it" and agree the technology behind it is really cool and will be used in interesting ways. But is there a business application for Twitter that will appeal to a broad base of users? I've had a Twitter account for a few months now and I follow a few people. Yes, I have a great handle on what those people have been up to lately but I can't say I've found much value in the information. For those of you following people through Twitter, Jaiku or Facebook, are you finding the information useful? And are the people doing the tweeting finding it worth their time? Is there a point when the volume of tweets renders us unproductive?

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