Inmagic's Presto: Designed for Consumers of Content, Not Creators

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August 13, 2009

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After 25 years in business and 5,000 customers in 100 countries, Inmagic is no Enterprise 2.0 startup. Yet, like many vendors in the business of collecting and cataloguing data for years, it sees the new trend toward socializing knowledge highly attractive. Inmagic's heritage stems from the Knowledge Management and Library Services background. In a 2.0 Adoption Council demo last week, Inmagic demoed Presto, its Social Knowledge Management Platform.The product takes an inside-out view of data that can be shared in the enterprise. It catalogs and collects digital assets and data in a central repository and then facilitates a social layer to interface with those assets and build a social knowledge network.What originally got my attention about this product was its SharePoint integration and compatibility. As much as the Enterprise 2.0 die-hards in our community love to diss SharePoint, the truth is Microsoft is the "liquid cement" of office productivity and will not be unseated any time soon in the large enterprise. (For further validation, make sure you didn't miss this New York Times piece last week on SharePoint.) Established players like Inmagic will continue to reap the rewards of traditional enterprise business as SharePoint continues on its growth trajectory.As far as the design/UI, the product doesn't have the sex appeal of some of the 2.0 startup offerings, but I found it especially refreshing that the demo discussion revolved centrally around business drivers. "We feel very strongly that the key to accelerating adoption is to keep the focus on business initiatives," said Inmagic's Mike Cassettari, VP Marketing and Business Development.picture-31


For a deeper dive into Presto's inner magic, take a look at Bill Ives' post. Bill is an expert in knowledge management and enterprise 2.0 which uniquely qualifies him to posit an opinion.Tomorrow, we'll be taking a look at another major stakes winner from the SharePoint stables: Tomoye.

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