JavaOne: Duke's Choice Awards, 2008

The Duke&#39;s Choice Awards program recognizes the most influential Java applications of the year. This year&#39;s winners were announced in a press release:&nbsp;</p>

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May 5, 2008

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The Duke's Choice Awards program recognizes the most influential Java applications of the year. This year's winners were announced in a press release:

Here is the list:

The winners of the 2008 Duke's Choice Awards are:


Category: Java Technology in Broadcasting

Project: Step2e Broadcast

Developer: Step2e GmbH & Co. KG

Technologies used: Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

Step2e Broadcast is a Java technology-based application for midsize TV and radio stations. Designed as a multi-user Swing application with a central SQL database, it provides workflow automation and content management. Step2e Broadcast features a flexible plug-in technology based on a service framework, so it can be easily extended or modified to meet the customer's requests.


Category: Medical Solutions

Project: Expert System for Poisoning (ESP)

Developer: University of the Philippines - Dillman

Technologies used: Java SE, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JClips, Eclipse3.2 Java Development Tools (JDT), MySQL Connector/J

Project ESP is a rule-based clinical decision support system for the diagnosis and management of poisoning. When observing symptoms from a patient, the system outputs a list of possible poisoning types with their corresponding antidote procedures which are considered by medical attendants in diagnosing the patient. Java SE is the key technology in this project, providing developers with the libraries necessary to turn the system design into a real solution that will aid the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning in the Philippines.


Category: Pervasive Solutions 

Project: Mote Product

Developer: Sentilla

Technology used: Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) on Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)

Sentilla's Mote Product is an application of Java technology running on a cloud of wireless motes. These pervasive computers have the ability to interact with the real world and communicate with one another, including sharing data and deploying applications. Sentilla technology leverages the core benefits of the Java platform, including standards, pervasiveness and integration with Web services, to open new possibilities in logistics, safety and security and environmental monitoring.


Category: Mobile Device

Project: Pulse Smartpen

Developer: LiveScribe

Technology used: Java ME - CLDC w/Media Profile

The Pulse Smartpen is a Java technology-based mobile computing platform that connects the paper world and the digital world. It is a computer within a pen that captures handwriting and simultaneously records audio and synchronizes it to the writing. Anything the user hears, writes or speaks is captured, accessible and shareable. The Pulse platform consists of an integrated system of smartpen, dot paper, applications, desktop software and development tools.


Category: Fans' Choice Award


Developer: Sun Microsystems is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.


Category: Mobile Gaming

Project: Mpowerplayer

Developer: Mpowerplayer

Technology used: Java SE

Mpowerplayer is the "iTunes" for the mobile games industry and utilizes the power of the Java platform to market Java ME games on the Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris platforms, thanks to Java SE. Customers include EA Mobile and Sprint/Nextel, who use the product to help more than one million consumers discover what the Java platform can do for their mobile phones. Mpowerplayer is completely Java technology-based and is growing the global market for mobile entertainment by making it easier for consumers to find, try and buy Java software applications for their mobile device from their PC.


Category: Java Everywhere



Technologies used: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) creates 3D cityscapes accessible through the browser using a Java software applet. As with any local search engine, the user can search for businesses and specific locations. also has a spotlight feature which automatically highlights interesting locations as the user browses a neighborhood. recently launched its Manhattan map on Facebook and the Web site is only possible because of Java technology.


Category: Digital Imaging

Project: PerfectImage

Developer: Cocchiaro Music 

Technologies used: Java SE, Java Advanced Imaging 1.1.2_01

PerfectImage is an end-user Java technology application for displaying and editing digital images from a variety of input sources such as digital cameras. Built using the Java platform and the Java Advanced Imaging technology, it runs on any platform that supports this environment including the Solaris Operating System, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Features supported include dynamic thumbnail browsing, fading slide shows, image scaling and re-sizing, image file formatting, image cropping, image rotation, image transformation and color balance.


Category: Java Technology in Education

Project: WriteOnline

Developer: Crick Software Ltd.

Technologies used: Java SE

WriteOnline is an online literacy tool from Crick Software, a leading software supplier to the UK education market. WriteOnline takes the basic functions of a word processor and provides additional literacy support including a word bar that provides a bank of words, phrases and Web addresses at the bottom of the screen, integrated word prediction and realistic high quality speech that can read out any text written in the document.


Category: Science Research 

Project: Large Haadron Collider (LHC)

Developer: European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

CERN operates the world's largest particle physics laboratory. Founded in 1954, it is a model of successful international cooperation. CERN is building the world's most complex scientific instrument, the LHC, which will probe the mysterious dark matter and energy that make up 96 percent of the universe, investigate nature's preference for matter over antimatter, unravel the mystery of mass and probe matter as it existed at the beginning of time.


Category: Java Technology in Education

Project: Learning 360

Developer: Learning 360

Learning 360 is a new Java application built on Oracle Application Server that supports the classrooms of today, and into the future, by allowing the whole school community (students, parents, teachers, administrators) to be far more engaged in what is happening in schools, and especially in the classrooms. It gathers information on individual children and then analyzes and diagnoses this information in a way that supports the core elements of effective schools. Learning 360 allows students to be more directly involved and active in their own learning and provides continuous and ongoing feedback to parents, students and student managers.


Category: Developer Solutions

Project: Hudson

Developer: Hudson

Hudson is an extensible, contiguous integration engine that monitors executions of repeated jobs, including building a software project or jobs run by cron. Currently, Hudson focuses on building and testing software projects continuously and provides an easy-to-use integration system, making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project, and allowing users to easily obtain a fresh build. 

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