Tech Gadgets For Your Halloween Ghost-Hunting

If you're looking to get your spooky on this Halloween with ghosts, vampires, or zombies, we've got the technology to help you do it.

David Wagner, Executive Editor, Community & IT Life

October 25, 2015

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ears can't pick them up. For some reason, our electronic recording media can. For instance, this YouTube video (that I wasn't allowed to embed because it was so shocking) was posted last month and viewed five times (all by me, I believe) has used an EVP listener to pick up sounds in a graveyard.

Did you hear it? Clearly that was a ghost voice saying, "My Name is Crystal." At least that's what the person who posted the video said. I didn't hear it either. I thought it said something about a walrus and maybe something about Paul being dead. I don't know.

Anyway, if you have trouble making this stuff out when you record it, there are apps to help you. This one listens to EVP like radar. After it warms up, it will be able to pick out words from the EVP soup and tell you in plain text what is being said and the give you the direction from which voice came.

I didn't try this myself, but I was sold by this review of the app: "Many [paranormal experts] have put Ghost Radar to the test, by using it side-by-side, and comparing its detection results/output, to that of, the standard/professional equipment, that they use during official/real investigations." I am sold. I suspect it will get exactly the same results as any professional ghost-hunting equipment.

[Laugh at your true fears. Comic: CIO Horror Stories.]

Of course, we can't have a Halloween roundup without mentioning zombies. Trulia is reprising its list of worst cities to be in during a zombie apocalypse. The worst is Providence, RI. Thankfully, most major tech centers escape this list (except Boston, which is No. 5 on the list). But boy, do I have a bargain for you if you find yourself in the wrong place during a zombie apocalypse., an honest-to-goodness seller of high-quality optics gear for hobbyists, hunters, science labs, and police and fire departments has put together the Z.E.R.O. Kit -- Zombie Extermination Research and Operations Kit.

The kit includes laser targeting devices, a special handgun, optics for finding zombies at a distance (they don't see well, but they can smell you), and even special equipment to make bullets from scratch if you run out of ammo. The best part is that it is also a mobile laboratory, because this isn't about taking the zombies out, this is also about finding the cure. That's right, it comes with a high-end microscope and equipment to gather samples. But I can't possibly do it justice. Let Optics Planet tell you about the product (warning: minor adult language).

Yup, for a mere $24,000 you'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Seems a small price to pay to get out of Providence alive. Trust me. I've been to Providence, and I've seen people pay more.

There you have it folks, the best big data, mobile apps, and high tech to help you have a happy Halloween this year. Whether you're hunting the creepy creatures or running from them, I hope we've got you covered. Share your favorite Halloween tech in the comments section below.

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