Frustrated With Your Content Management Software Vendor? You're Not Alone

A developer from an Australian university shares his top five reasons a certain content management company will go out of business.

George Dearing, Contributor

May 14, 2008

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A developer from an Australian university recently shared with me his top five reasons a certain content management company will go out of business, proving that people around the world feel the same pain from content management software blunders. And just for the record, many a tech company suffers from one or more of these ailments.

  • The company fails to thoroughly test its new releases, then deletes problem posts from its tech forum.

  • There's not enough interaction between front-line technical staff and engineers.

  • The vendor hasn't properly reviewed its documentation, so it contains suggestions that haven't worked for two major releases.

  • "Upgrading" turns a functional machine into a nonfunctioning lump of silicon that needs to have its operating system reinstalled.

  • The company has "modular" products for which users don't have to include all the pieces, but things are a bit strange if they don't.

The challenge with marketing "modular" is that modules become moving targets, updated in client pitches as frequently as new functionality can be dreamed up by management. Content management vendors should do us all a favor and first make sure they have the architecture in place to support their wild-eyed quest for more market share.

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