Gartner's Top 10 IT Trends: Hits And Misses

We handicap Gartner's annual list of top enterprise IT trends, including mobile, cloud, and big data. Check out the ranking and consider what's missing.

Eric Lundquist, VP & Editorial Analyst for InformationWeek Business Technology Network

October 25, 2012

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7. Actionable Analytics

This is tied to the big data discussion but is probably more important. Turning on the big data firehose in your company won't make much sense unless you have a plan how to gather the data, analyze the data, and create actions on the data. Making the wrong decisions faster is not a plan for big data success.

8. Mainstream In-Memory Computing

At its simplest, in-memory computing can be considered a solid-state replacement for spinning disks. That would be a mistake as database structures, queries, and all the traditional pieces of the corporate business intelligence puzzle are changed by moving to the in-memory model.

This is one of those transitional points where users need to stop and rethink what they want to accomplish in their computing environment rather than simply stick with their traditional vendor now offering an in-memory appliance.

9. Integrated Ecosystems

I thought ecosystems were integrated by definition? Not in the computing world, I guess. In any case, this refers as a move back to the "best of breed" vendor and service selection, rather than marrying one vendor's stack of applications and services. Best of breed largely faltered on the difficulties of integration, and this will again be the deciding factor in whether the integrated ecosystems movement stumbles at the starting gate. This category was also new to Gartner's top 10.

10. Enterprise App Stores

This one is interesting. The app store model that has proved to be so successful in the consumer market is held up as the way corporate users should go about selecting and provisioning their corporate apps. While the concept has been around for a couple years, I've seen very few examples of the corporate app store emerging from a prototype to full-blown deployment. I think it might have something to do with the difference between app store consumer developers out trying to make money and traditional in-house app development. The enterprise app store may be one of those emerging technologies that is always emerging.


Gartner has offered a decent list, but one that I think misses a few big trends now unfolding. I'll cover that in a future column.

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VP & Editorial Analyst for InformationWeek Business Technology Network

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