Implementation of SAP NetWeaver Expands IDS Scheer’s Global SME Presence

IDS Scheer Canada has expanded its relationship with Mold-Masters.

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March 24, 2005

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IDS Scheer, the provider of business process services and tools, announced March 14 that its IDS Scheer Canada subsidiary has expanded its relationship with Mold-Masters, a leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems for use in the manufacturing of plastics. The expansion includes Mold-Master’s roll-out of SAP within its new facility in China.

Holding the largest patent portfolio in Canada, Mold-Masters is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and supports a full range of hot runner products. IDS Scheer has been a process implementation partner of Mold-Masters since 1999, when the company was engaged to help address Y2K issues and provide global operations visibility into creating global processes and data. In 2003, a major milestone in the relationship was achieved when IDS Scheer helped the company optimize the functionality of its SAP system within its proprietary Merlin portal to reduce its 3-D CAD drawing process from weeks to days. In 2004, IDS Scheer deployed its ARIS Process Performance Manager, which enabled Mold-Masters to gain valuable corporate performance metrics to measure processes enabled through its SAP system. IDS Scheer also implemented its ARIS SmartPath ERP-based turnkey solution for process optimization in mid-market organizations. As an end-to-end solution that addresses industry-specific business needs, IDS Scheer’s ARIS SmartPath takes a process-oriented approach to the implementation and management of ERP, SCM and CRM software.

As part of its ERP implementation efforts, Mold-Masters has adopted global standards for business operations in its facilities in Canada, U.S., and Germany. For the rollout in China, IDS Scheer will help Mold-Masters apply the same proven processes that were successful in the other locations with minimal changes in the new geographic. By using global standard process templates, Mold-Masters senior management can streamline their operations while simultaneously developing a better understanding of process synchronizations and efficiencies across its business units. Using this approach, IDS Scheer enables SME organizations such as Mold-Masters to gain process synchronization across manufacturing facilities using tools like ARIS Process Performance Manager to compete globally from an operations perspective.

“We continue to rely on IDS Scheer as our process implementation guide. The logical progression towards implementing SAP at our new Chinese facility is built on our high level of confidence in its people and proven track record for delivering enterprise projects on time with significant results and cost efficiencies,” said Jonathon Fischer, president, Mold-Masters. “IDS Scheer delivered technical and business process expertise with its ARIS SmartPath implementation approach and helped us create a global executive cockpit of information for our subsidiaries in three continents.” Fischer also plans on utilizing IDS Scheer for future initiatives including business process re-engineering and ePortals.

“For an SME, Mold-Masters is truly on the cutting edge of optimizing the power of business process excellence solutions on the level of companies two and three times its size,” said Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, CEO, IDS Scheer in North America. “We configured Mold-Masters’ enterprise system to run on the same box for managing a small business on a global scale. Now, as the company rolls out SAP to its new Chinese facility, we are leveraging our global BPM resources to integrate our Shanghai-based IDS Scheer China Ltd subsidiary into this project to assist with the internal use of ARIS SmartPath as a communications vehicle and enabler for process understanding.”

According to Jason Mausberg, president, IDS Scheer Canada and leader of the Mold-Masters implementation team, IDS Scheer is helping the company implement SAP NetWeaver to unite its businesses on four continents. SAP NetWeaver is a comprehensive integration and application platform designed to automate and optimize an organization’s existing business processes. “Our efforts have created an integrated, real-time business system for Mold-Masters that proactively addresses the key market demands for a global competitive edge. We delivered a platform that supports Mold-Master’s new business model of linking customer desktops, through web applications, directly into the business processes of Mold-Masters. Mold-Masters is providing the ultimate customer experience which is unmatched in its industry.”

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