New Yorker and Strat-O-Matic online baseball game champion James Haft combined his knowledge of real estate, high tech, and finance to help found the online condo brokerage

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February 18, 2006

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James Haft,, CFO, USCondex -- Photograph by Sacha Lecca

Photograph by Sacha Lecca

James Haft
CFO, USCondex
Interview by Eric Chabrow


Unconventional Wisdom
This CFO takes a unique approach to his work. "I use intuition with an understanding of statistics. If you're too focused on the actual numbers themselves, many times you can miss the big picture."


Game Boy
"Almost everything you need to learn for business and for life--things like problem solving and planning--are skills you can pick up from video games."


Living in New York has taught Haft valuable lessons. Here's one: "The trick to getting a cab on a rainy day is to walk against traffic. If you stand still, the person in front of you will get that cab. It's born into the DNA of all Manhattanites."


Meet George Jetson
"It's really cool to live in the future. Digitally walking around with a video iPod, sitting in an airplane watching 'The Office' while flying down to Florida to commute to my business. That's the Jetsons."


Lend Him Your Ear
Audio is the killer app, Haft says. "I can show you a thousand images at a time on a Web page, and I have no idea what you're focusing on. But once I put a voice-over on it, I know exactly what you're listening to, and I know l have your attention."

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