Top 20 Add-Ons For Microsoft SharePoint

Boost SharePoint's collaboration and file-sharing powers with third-party add-ons. Here's a visual tour of some favorites.

Jake Widman, Contributor

August 16, 2011

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In its role as a document management system, SharePoint keeps track of who's checked files in and out. But the default procedure requires users to check in each document individually, whether they're adding a new file or returning several that they've been working on--not very convenient. With SharePoint Batch Check In, users can check in a group of files all at once, even if they're stored in folders and subfolders. They can also add new documents in bulk as well as change a document's content type during check-in. A single Web Front End server license costs $799, with a year of Premium Support priced at $400, for a total of $1,199 to get started with the product.

In addition to being a server product, SharePoint also is a Web application development platform, as seen in its support for websites and workflows. That means it also provides a platform for the integration of third-party add-ons. These add-ons, also sometimes called extensions or Web parts, can extend built-in SharePoint functionality--which is already considerable--or just make it more accessible or easier to use. This customization ability has led to an explosion of add-ons available from various sources, ranging from the free and open-source to the high-priced.

Businesses have embraced add-ons as a way to customize Microsoft SharePoint to suit their particular needs. That's why we've scoured developer sites to bring you the 20 top useful add-ons. These extensions will help you do everything from set up SharePoint initially to adding documents as you move between working online and offline as needed.


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