IBM Talks Bridging the AI Trust Gap with Developers

Keri Olson, vice president of IBM AI for Code Initiatives, discusses what benefits developers might realize by using AI in the development process.

Joao-Pierre S. Ruth, Senior Editor

March 11, 2024

A fair amount of the AI and GenAI conversation pertains to using this resource in coding and development.

A few years ago, I recall covering and writing about the idea of apps that could write other apps, or at least take some of the tedium and heavy lifting off the shoulders of developers. It was something of a slow burn topic, talked about in tandem with methodology to improve the development cycle with greater efficiency.

Now we stand in an era of GenAI being turned to in a bit more high-profile way in the dev cycle -- or is it? While there have been examples of AI and coding hand-in-hand, are developers really on board with using this tool as part of the process?

This episode of DOS Won’t Hunt takes a look at bridging the trust gap between developers and AI. Joining the show is Keri Olson, vice president of IBM AI for Code Initiatives.

What is the climate when it comes to trust in AI, among developers? What are the reasons that developers might be looking to make use of it? Where do they fall, in terms of developers wanting to rely on AI?

I think that’s a really great question, starting with are developers looking to use AI in their coding practices, and why would they be doing that? I think it really starts with the developer community seeing AI for code as a force multiplier for the work that they’re doing. It represents an opportunity for them to both increase their productivity as well as expand their skill set. So, by using AI, developers are really freeing up more time to work on innovative projects and they are able to focus their energy on the more complex coding tasks that they need to complete.

To your question though, about trust, I do think that many developers are struggling to trust AI in the space of code, and the primary reason that there is this challenge of trust is around accuracy.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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