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Samsung Galaxy View Review: A Big Tablet With Big Problems
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User Rank: Apprentice
3/28/2017 | 2:00:45 PM
This review is nearly 100% backwards !
I have owned the Galaxy view for about eight months and have used it nearly daily. In fact I'm using it to write this review. The screen is bright and clear and the resolution is great. No visible jaggies on the tiniest text. Yes the stand is a little bit awkward but I actually bought a case which hold it for transport quite well. In fact the main reason I originally bought it was to carry it around to give demos of my photography, and it does this quite well. Ironically as much as I love this tablet it does have a couple of big problems but these are both things that the author of this review said we're just fine .... wait, what ??? No, the battery life is not good. In fact it downright sucks. Oh sure I could use the tablet at 60% brightness but that would defeat the purpose of having a nice bright punchy screen. So at 100% brightness which I always run I can kill it in less than 3 hours starting at fully charged. The other problem is sound. If I wanted to use this for music more often or music videos I would highly consider a separate powered speaker. Oh and by the way I bought mine for $400 open box. So aside from the lousy battery life and poor feeble sound yes I would recommend it..... for certain people such as myself.
User Rank: Apprentice
2/16/2017 | 11:46:50 AM
Good for vision impaired?
My wife does reading, colorfly, etc. on her iPad. After a stroke, which also impaired her vision considerably, I am looking for a large version of a tablet. I'm unclear about this porduct so hoping someone can advise me. Can she use this for books, colorfly, ordering from WalMart, etc.?
User Rank: Apprentice
2/13/2017 | 3:49:39 AM
This main product review is nonsense. I love my View.
I bought my View upon it's release unto the market. Only thing I have done to it is add a memory card. I love it, the sound quality is great, the graphics are pretty damn sharp, and it is fast for what it is. People forget these days the difference between a tool like this and a desktop. This is a tablet so when you invest in these know what you're getting into and have decent internet to run it on. As for Yamanashi down below in the comments this tablet isn't "just for" or "built around" elderly folk whom are going senial and have a lack of vision or need bigger keys to type with... It is an all around mobile unit. From business to leisure this tablet has got what it takes to do what you need quickly and effectively but like any good machine you can't expect it to run fast if you bog it down with junk. I run my business with this, surf the web, and play games/ social media on it. It runs faster than any netbook I have ever owned and tethers via Bluetooth or usb hardware with precise efficiency. I recommend this to anyone whom is looking for a nice tablet on the market.
User Rank: Apprentice
1/24/2017 | 3:34:22 AM
Pretty ironic I like mine
I read this review and I get the feeling that this person is really not tech Savvy or someone who just doesn't like technology. I have the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy view 18.4 and I love it. Yes, it is a bit big and yes it is a bit bulky. but the video quality on it is amazing and the things you can do on it is pretty neat. Facebook needs to get their act together and make their app work this tablet as do a few others. but other than that it's fine. I don't know what the problem is really.
User Rank: Apprentice
12/17/2016 | 12:27:12 AM
Looks like just what I want
I do not need a PC.  I have one with an i7-5930, 1.2TB Intel 750 series AIC PCI-e harddrive, 30TB of of other internal and external hard drives, ...

I do not need a laptop.  I have an ASUS ROG G800VI with the first nvme drive replaced with the 2TB Samsung 860 and the backup hard drive replaced with a 4TB Samsung 850 Evo.


I do need a large screen computer that runs the Android OS as the primary OS and can be plugged in and left plugged in 24x365.  I am not interested in running productivity software on the machine.  I am wanting something I can play my Android games on and not worry about them being slow.  The screen look great to me, and yes, I am sitting close.  No, it is not as good as the screen on my laptop or my tower (actually thinking of switching to a server cabinet), but unless I concentrate and look for the pixels they are not noticable.  You should have looked at the old NTSC televisions. 


I do admit, I am in JohnA965's age group.


The only thing I am really noticing it missing, this is mostly based on its size, is a DVD/BluRay Player.  A thin form factor like my external BluRay from years ago would fit nicely.
User Rank: Apprentice
12/16/2016 | 8:39:14 AM
Samsung Galaxy view
I have no clue what this article is bashing the view for , I got it like a month ago and it's been great! Plus I bought a carrying case from best buy for 25.00 and it fits perfectly, I love it no problem with any of my Samsung products, tablets,phones, TV
User Rank: Apprentice
1/26/2016 | 1:24:37 PM
Galaxy View Reviewed By Someone Who Is Not THe Device's Intended Market.
This large tablet is not intended for a twenty or thirty something who owns a big screen TV or plays video games.  This tablet is targeted towards ssomeone who is older, middle age or senior citizen who may have one TV in the bedroom or living room.

No one in the aforementioned demographic would view a TV/Video onn an 18 inch screen three feet away. We were raised to sit back from the TV at least five feet.  Reaching up from a coach to change a video once a half an hour ir==or longer is not a big deal.  I have major surgery last week and I am doing it without a problem.  

Why would I want an 18 inch tablet with the same PPI as my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 or Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 or my Pixel 2 LS?  As a Comacast broadband user I am limited to 300GB per months.  Those extra pixels cost money in bandwidth.  If I want to view a video two feet away I will use my Galaxy Tab S 10.5. This was an intelligent tradeoff by Samsung. 

There is no remote control. I have no need for one, if I did I would pair the Samsung mouse I bought for the Galaxy !0.5 S with keyboard.  I never use that tablet with a keyboard or a mouse.

If you use the View for it's intended purpose it is not sluggish at all.  This is a video viewing machine. Samsung's advertising clearly states that. If you wasnt a traditional tablet this device is not for you.  Get a smaller but more powerful iPad Pro.

I have not set up my email in this machine because I have smaller tablets and computer for that.  This is a video tsblet, not a productivity machine.

Now here are my criticisms.  I do not like Touchwiz.  The Designers trained at Kaist University in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, seem to have little industrial design creativity as compared to those working at Apple. The video guide is horrible. You cannot customize it.  That was a dumb choice, no better way to describe it.  As with all my Samsung Android devices I use the Google Laucher and on the View Set up Chronos's Weather widget and my streaming video apps as my first page.  I use Flipboard in place of Samsung's limited screen saver.

The Galaxy View is anm ideal device for someone who is elderly and does not want to add to their cable provider's cofferse by adding more TVs.  THe difference in price between the view and a TV will soon be eaten up by added cable charges.  I am 63 years old.  This device is not heavy.  It is an excellent coffee table hybrid which I am sure will improve in the future.  If you fit the demographic I described you will be very satisfied with this device.  We need some senior citizens as tech reviewers.  Theere are plenty of over 60 geeks who advise the senior crowd on what devices will work for there particular sitiation.  To often tech magazines forget we purchase tech often and would purchase more if we had writers who understood our needs.
User Rank: Ninja
12/11/2015 | 4:17:59 PM
Either price is a lot of money
Yes, I couldn't agree more. Do people still spend $500 or $600 in a device like this, that's not even a PC replacement? If we, at least could get 1 year-free-subscription to HBO Now or Roku Streaming.

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