Langa Letter: Lindows: Beyond Windows, Before Linux

<B>Fred Langa</B> test-drives the latest version of this Linux-based Windows work-alike operating system to see if it's ready for prime time.

Fred Langa, Contributor

November 26, 2002

1 Min Read

Who Is Lindows For?
It's a little overstated--but only a little--to think of Lindows as "Linux with training wheels." To be sure, experienced Linux users probably won't like it. But it could be a good choice for people whose only previous computing experience has been with Windows or for people and businesses looking for the smallest possible initial speed bump in transitioning to a Linux environment from Windows. Lindows is easy to set up and use--and that goes a long way toward making converts.

That said, I'm just one person--not a testing lab full of technicians. To broaden the data for this article, I recently asked the readers of my newsletter to describe their experiences with Lindows, good or bad. I've collected the most-representative replies and posted them in the Listening Post discussion area.

If you've used Lindows or any other Linux distribution, please see what your fellow readers have to say, and then add your comments.

Or, if you're just thinking about Linux or Lindows, or any alternative to Windows, come check out the additional information in those reader posts to get a broader picture.

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