ProClarity Teams with Microsoft to Extend Comprehensive Scorecard Application

Analytic capabilities to augment Microsoft’s new "Maestro" business performance management application.
ProClarity is supporting Microsoft's new business performance management scorecard application, code named "Maestro." ProClarity will augment the Microsoft platform by adding powerful analytic functionality to Microsoft scorecard applications, which will allow organizations to thoroughly evaluate the performance of key business metrics and better understand business performance.

ProClarity is working with Microsoft and key customers to extend the Maestro platform in ways that facilitate understanding and add value to an organization's overall performance management or scorecarding strategy. ProClarity will enhance the Maestro platform to improve the user's ability to analyze the performance of key metrics, and thus make more informed business decisions.

"We are pleased to see Microsoft continue to broaden its BI capabilities with Maestro's extensive scorecarding capability," said Rex Parker, senior product manager at ProClarity. "ProClarity is poised to support this effort by adding robust analytic functionality that will allow users to better understand why metrics are performing the way that they are, setting the foundation for smarter decision making." ProClarity will augment Microsoft's scorecard applications by integrating key components of the ProClarity Analytics Platform with Maestro. The addition of ProClarity's thin-client analytics will allow users to investigate the "why" behind key performance indicators (KPIs) through the use of patented and patent-pending visualizations such as the Decomposition Tree, Performance Map and Perspective View, which will enable them to perform root-cause analysis on a metric or KPI faster and more intuitively than with standard business charts and tables.

"Maestro helps businesses turn information into action by surfacing key business metrics in the Office System," said Chris Caren, general manager of the Office Business Applications group at Microsoft. "The ProClarity platform extends this capability by adding robust analytic capabilities and advanced business performance analysis to Maestro."