IBM Leading Market In China And India

IBM is strong in overall servers, Unix servers, and storage in the two countries, according to IDC.
IBM is leading the vendor market in China and India, according to IDC's second-quarter tracking.

The company said Thursday that IBM held 44.3 percent of the overall server customer revenue in China, says a report from IDC.

In Unix-based server revenue, the company led with 48.5 percent, according to IDC's tracking of Asia/Pacific quarterly activity. In India, IBM led the pack for overall customer revenue, with 33.1 percent of the revenue share from year to year and grew its Unix server market revenue by 142 percent, year-to-year.

IBM also boasts of growing disk storage customer revenue in India by 92.3 percent, the largest growth of the top three vendors. IBM has been expanding operations in China, India and Brazil, while scaling back in Europe.

For 2004, IBM trailed behind Hewlett-Packard for revenue in the Asia/Pacific region's disk storage market, with HP taking in $396.2 million and holding 25.2 percent of the market compared to IBM's $252.5 million, representing 16.1 percent of the market. In fact, EMC ranked ahead of IBM, taking second place for the market in that time period, with $337.9 million and 21.5 percent of the market.

According to IDC, the Asia/Pacific server market (which excludes Japan) is expected to be the fastest growing market among the top four server markets in the world. In 2006, it's expected to be the largest in terms of spending.

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