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IT Jobs Are Growing In The Big Cities

Online job recruitment is strong in major metropolitan areas despite a struggling economy and a slight decline nationally, according to online recruiters
Online job recruitment continues to show strength in major metropolitan areas despite a struggling economy and a slight decline nationally, according to figures released by Monster Worldwide Inc.

Monster's latest Local Employment Index, released Thursday, shows that 22 of the top 28 metropolitan areas in the United States saw increases in online employment opportunities in September. Most markets had more job listings across several categories despite rising oil prices and the impacts of a destructive hurricane season, according to the report.

The figures contained good news for IT professionals in most metropolitan areas, with activity in computers, engineering, mathematics, business and financial sectors surging.

Detroit and Boston experienced the greatest month-to-month increases in recruitment activity, with demands rising four and three points respectively. Since May, activity has grown the most in Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis and Seattle, with all of those areas increasing by eight points on the index.

"Surprisingly, the Monster Local Employment Index's September findings show more robust online job demand at the major metro level than our national Index findings, which showed a slight decline in overall U.S. demand," Steve Pogorzelski, group president of International at Monster Worldwide said in a prepared statement. "While large metro areas tend to have a more flexible labor market, and as a result, may adapt to external shocks in a more efficient manner, three of the markets most directly impacted by the hurricanes – Houston, Tampa and Orlando – remained flat for September and were most likely affected by the ripple effects of these devastating storms."

Baltimore, Maryland, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix and San Diego also experienced solid growth in September, according to Monster. No markets declined, but Dallas, Houston, New York City, Orlando, Sacramento and Tampa were flat.

Online opportunities for jobs in architecture, engineering, computers and math rose in 24 of 28 markets. In business and financial sectors, 22 markets saw increased numbers of professionals. According to Monster, that suggests professional services companies are anticipating a busier fourth quarter due to an overall expanding economy and a favorable business climate. Positions were up in sales, food preparation and serving and hospitality, while healthcare workers experienced a slowdown, according to the report. Construction was mixed.