Shiver Me Timbers! Scam Unleashes Trojan With Movie Ticket Lure

A new spam scam is teasing users to open a malicious attachment with promises of free tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
Users looking for a little free movie booty may be surprised that they get malware instead of tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Security company Sophos is warning users that a new fraudulent spam campaign is hitting in-boxes the world over with promises of a trailer for the blockbuster sequel, along with the chance to win free tickets. Instead of getting the goods as promised, though, users are being infected with the Troj/Yar-A, a Trojan horse hidden in an e-mail attachment.

"Of course, there are no tickets," said Paul Ducklin, head of technology in Sophos' Asia Pacific region, in a written statement. "And there is no film trailer -- just a malicious program which tries to download further malware from the Internet. Remember: If an e-mail sounds too good to be true, then you can safely assume that it isn't true."

The e-mail's subject line reads, "Pirates of the Caribbean 3." After talking about the movie itself, the e-mail then tells users that the movie trailer is provided in the attachment.

"Don't try, don't buy, don't click, don't reply," said Ducklin.

The Disney-produced pirate movie starring Johnny Depp opened in theaters on May 24.