Social Networking Overload

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MSNBC has a front-page story this morning on the difficulty many people are finding in managing the ever-growing array of social networking sites.      Its amusing that a major media article on social network management starts with an anecdote from The Brady Bunch, but perhaps this reflects that reality that social networking isnt just for the under-30 crowd anymore, but rather has gone mainstream, thanks to the success of sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

I do think the article points out a key challenge facing not only users, but providers of social networking sites overload.  Ive received about a half dozen requests in the last month to join new social networking sites.  At this point, I turn all of them down.  Im on Facebook and LinkedIn, I dont see the need to be on any more.  Instead, what might make more sense is for those developing new social networking tools to focus on integrating their services into existing social networking sites rather than launching new sites of their own.

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