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Wagner Opines: No, Thunderbird Just Stinks

Security Pipeline Editor Mitch Wagner thinks the Radicati Group is way off base about Mozilla's Thunderbird: It will take more than just a calendar to freshen up this open-source stinker.
Thunderbird isn't doing as well as Firefox, according to a report from the Radicati Group.

"Thunderbird's major shortcoming is the absence of an integrated calendar," the report says. A future release is expected to fill that void. Once calendaring becomes available, Thunderbird will be much more competitive, the report suggests.

No, Thunderbird's major shortcoming is that it's bad -- just a little bit harder to figure out and a little bit more time-consuming to use than other mail clients out there. In other words, the opposite of Firefox, which is significantly easier to use, faster and more powerful than Internet Explorer.

Adding a calendar to Thunderbird won't help.