Quick Study: Emerging Fintech

Here’s a curated collection of our articles on what the banking and investment sectors are doing with new financial technologies and how those techs prepare businesses for the future.

James M. Connolly, Contributing Editor and Writer

September 23, 2022

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The pioneers and early adopters of new technologies historically have predicted the demise of the legacy market leaders. While some old companies crumble in the face of new tech, the smart ones adapt and work emerging technology concepts into their business models.

What you're seeing in the financial sector today follows that pattern. Banks, lenders, investment firms and others recognize that concepts such as cybercurrency, non-fungible tokens and remote access present real business opportunities. Those that don't may want to avoid long-term office leases.

Fintech does present new challenges to go along with those opportunities. Tomorrow's financial firms have to flexible but reliable; they face new regulatory challenges and are expected to be accessible and inclusive.

This Quick Study presents a collection of InformationWeek articles focused on fintech and the role of technology concepts unheard of a decade ago. It offers a view into what fintechs are doing with new technologies and how those technologies prepare the businesses for the future.

The State of Fintech

Can Regulators and Fintech Find the Right Formula for Innovation?

Speakers at the LendIt Fintech USA conference discuss how regulators and fintech innovators can work together and support innovation.

NY Fintech Week: Crypto Regulation, Fraud, and Venture Capital

Speakers at the Empire Fintech Conference discussed regulation and cryptocurrency, protecting against fraud, and where VCs invest in fintech.

New Opportunities for Fintech

Crypto and NFTs: A New Digital Footprint for Enterprises?

What lies ahead for institutions that want their share of a decentralized financial system built on the blockchain? Experts offer their perspectives on some risks, liabilities, and potential rewards that might rise to the surface.

Fintech’s Future Through the Eyes of CES

The consumer technology tradeshow examined evolutions in fintech from boosting financial inclusivity to riding the cryptocurrency wave.

Blockchain Report Card: What Does It Matter to Enterprises Now?

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and smart contracts are staples of the blockchain scene, but is there something more that organizations can benefit from here? Some tech concepts beyond currency show promise in the financial space.

LendingClub CEO Discusses Building a Digital Marketplace Bank

A chat at the LendIt Fintech USA conference explored how the agility of fintech and the resilience of a bank can combine. It offered a view into what the future of fintech might look like.

Fintech Innovation Lab Demo Day: ESG, Crypto, and Managing Risk

The Latest cohort of startups to graduate from the innovation program, which helps startups get off the ground, focuses on transparency, compliance, and blockchain.

CBDCs Strive to Fulfill Diem’s Failed Vision

Cryptocurrencies were once seen as at best a fad and at worst a vehicle for money laundering. Now, however, they are recognized as much more, and governments are exploring central bank digital currency, also known as CBDC.

The Metaverse: How to Get Your Organization Ready

Organizations will soon have three locations -- physical, online, and metaverse. Gartner says that now is the time to start learning and planning for offering products and services in this emerging realm.

Corporate Responsibility and Regulation

Going Green with Regulatory Tech for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can make their own contributions to overcoming the challenges of climate change, according to Tata.

How Fighting AI Bias Can Make Fintech Even More Inclusive

Digitized presumptions, encoded by very human creators, can introduce prejudice in new financial technology meant to be more accessible.

New York Fintech Week: Startups Take Aim at Financial Inclusion

Demo day hosted by FinTech Sandbox revisited the need for greater diversity among financial industry leaders and the focus of regulators on transparency.

US Regulators Move to Understand Crypto and Explore Guardrails

Federal institutions, armed with an executive order from the White House, begin to lay down strategies to get their arms around digital assets such as Bitcoin.

New Core Technologies in Action

How to Prepare for New PCI DSS 4.0 Requirements

With the new requirements set to start in March 2024, organizations should start preparing now -- a multi-step process that will be felt across the organization.

Fintech, Cloud, and Bringing Machine Learning to the Edge

Executives from Current and Data Capital Management discuss how their financial services companies make leverage machine learning and utilize Google Cloud Platform's resources.

How CINC Cut Down Churn on Its Apps for Real Estate Agents

Using insights on user experience from FullStory gave CINC perspective on how to keep real estate pros better connected with their clients.

FinTech Tools, Security Concerns Top of Mind for Gen-Z Banking

Banks and financial institutions are turning to data analytics and AI to help Gen Z with planning and tapping into biometrics to assuage their cybersecurity concerns.

Are Blockchain and Decentralized Cloud Making Much Headway?

There continues to be chatter about such elements of Web 3.0 stirring up the cloud scene, but the impact thus far may be limited to niche use cases.

Automated Accounts Payable Gives Biotech Company New Efficiency

Adopting a system from Tipalti freed up manhours and other resources as biotech company ImaginAb scaled up and adapted to pandemic woes.

A New Era of Digital Finance for Treasury Teams

To get ahead (and stay ahead) treasury teams need to innovate and adopt advanced systems and leading practices. Resilience is no longer optional in a post-pandemic world.

Chase CIO Gill Haus Discusses Recruitment, Agile, and Automation

The Chase CIO talks about how his bank trains its engineers to make use of the cloud, machine learning, and other resources to adapt to consumer demand.

Tech Modernization: How to Start Building a Foundation

Technology modernization poses challenges to IT leaders, but it’s possible to minimize disruption, prepare your workforce, and manage costs for optimal ROI.

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