Apple Releases iTunes, Apple TV Updates

The software updates address security issues and better syncing with iPods, and include improved Genius playlists.
Apple this week released software updates for Apple TV and iTunes that the company said will address security and improve functionality.

For Apple TV, the 2.2 update addresses three security issues found in previous versions regarding malicious content. The flaws involved maliciously crafted video files or PICT image files that could lead to unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.

With the update, Apple TV users can now purchase and download high-definition TV shows from the iTunes Store directly to the device. The updated software also adjusts the user interface in the photo slideshow and YouTube player, and offers an improved standby mode.

In September, Apple rolled out a Genius playlist feature that creates a playlist similar to any music track chosen from the user's library. The 2.2 firmware brings this feature to the Apple TV, although the device must first be synced with a Genius-enabled iTunes library.

The 2.2 update is available now and can be obtained through the "General" settings menu of the Apple TV.

Apple also released an 8.0.1 update for iTunes, and it's meant to address overall stability and improve application performance. The latest firmware should address the bug in Vista machines that leads to the "blue screen of death" when connecting an iPod. Additionally, this update should fix a bug that leads to some HDTV shows getting deleted during downloads.

The firmware should also improve syncing and functionality of Genius playlists, as well as provide more reliable connections to the App Store. The 59-MB update is available now and can be had through the automatic update, or it can be downloaded on Apple's iTunes update Web site.