Amazon Tablet Ready For Its Close-Up?

Take a sneak peek at what we know about Amazon's soon-to-be-revealed tablet. Plus, get expert advice for your mobile application strategy.
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Amazon--as you have heard, unless you've been off in the middle of the ocean trying to track the descent of a NASA satellite--will unveil its long-awaited tablet on Wednesday. "Why would anyone want an Amazon tablet, when Apple iTunes works so well?" a friend asked me this weekend. If you already have an iPad, that's a natural reaction. But, what about all the people who haven't bought a tablet yet? Remember the lines of people looking to get a $99 firesale HP TouchPad? Amazon aims to win over those people--and begin selling them tons of content.

What does Amazon have to offer? Take a look at Eric Zeman's tour of 5 things we know about the Amazon Kindle tablet. Perhaps most importantly, this tablet should be a lot less expensive than the cheapest $499 iPad--some reports have the gadget priced at $250; others guess that Amazon could dip below $200.

But make no mistake, this Android-based tablet is a content-selling vehicle, not a thing of beauty. This tablet will make compromises on processing power and screen size; it will not rival iPad on a design level. Yet it will walk in the enterprise door, just as the iPad did, before and after the holiday shopping season.

As one IT pro told me at the recent InformationWeek 500 conference, "I started supporting the iPad when my boss was given one as a present."

Ho, ho, ho. Your elves are hard at work on enterprise mobile security strategy, right?

Many of you have decided to outsource some of your mobile application development. Whether you're developing in-house or sending the work out, you need a master plan to deploy and support those apps. Consider the expert advice from mobile security guru Michael Davis in Take Charge Of Your Mobile App Strategy.

Davis also takes an intriguing look at the dangerous intersection of mobility and credit cards. Check out why he thinks Facebook credits could be the best thing to happen to money launderers in a long time.

Finally, did you catch Charles Babcock's look at the startup software that lets you control your data center servers from your iPhone, via a cloud service?

Now there's something you can't do with an Amazon tablet. Yet.

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