Blackberrys Require Most IT Hand-Holding: Survey

Blackberrys require more support from IT departments than any other mobile device, according to two-thirds of survey respondents who participated in a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) online poll.For small and midsize companies, which are more likely to lack a dedicated IT support, that?s worth noting, particularly now that Blackberry maker Research In Motion is pushing a less costly version of its handheld to that market.

?The ability to access applications and data from virtually any location is a powerful tool that enhances efficiency and productivity,? said John Venator, CompTIA?s president and CEO, in a statement. ?But to take full advantage, organizations must employ IT professionals with a broad base of skills and professional certifications."

The second-most supported device, according to CompTIA?s survey, was pagers, cited by a distant 10.9 percent of poll takers. Laptops ranked No. 8, at 2 percent.ConnectIT