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Intel Delays Centrino 2 Chips

Intel announced that technical and certification problems had caused a delay in the planned release of its new Centrino 2 mobile processors, aka "Montevina."The chips were previously set to launch in June, but now computer manufacturers are expected to start shipping Montevina-based laptops in July. "Initially what will be available on July 14 are the (Centrino 2) processors and some of the chipsets," Intel spokesperson Connie Brown said.

The delays are due to two factors: one, the certification of the platform's WiMax capabilities, is "not a technical issue. It's paperwork," said Brown. "There were mistakes made while filing and testing our wireless antennas."

The second problem is with the upgraded integrated graphics. The inital release will be a "PM" version of the platform for use with separate graphics chips, such as those from Nvidia and ATI. The "GM" version with integrated graphics will follow in August.CNET News, Macworld

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