Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 To Get A Push In Barcelona

The operating system is expected to include BlackBerry-like push e-mail and take advantage of features in Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Exchange.
Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6, the latest of its fast-growing smartphone operating systems, will offer businesses BlackBerry-like push e-mail for the first time, plus the option of easier-to-update security.

Code-named Crossbow, the operating system will be available by June. It's expected to come in three versions compatible with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Exchange. For users, it promises features such as HTML e-mails and improved Web search. For businesses, Microsoft says its new mobile operating system will let carriers deliver security updates.

Wireless service providers should also like Mobile 6's built-in application that lets customers use a Windows Mobile 6-enabled smartphone as a laptop modem, with either a Bluetooth wireless or cable connection. Wireless companies are eager to get customers using their cell phones for more data services (see "The Mobile Internet Won't Grow Without Effective--And Profitable--Search"). Microsoft will release more details and handset partners at this week's 3GSM World Congress.

The new operating system will support Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail system and instant messaging, and people will be able to dial a phone number by clicking on it. Outlook will have e-mail attachment capability for photos, tables, and other links.