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SAP Charts Development Plan

Cooperation with Microsoft and Intel are on the agenda.
SAP laid out its development road map last week, pushing its composite application strategy, upgrades of its NetWeaver integration platform, and partnerships with others.

SAP and Microsoft this month will preview Mendocino, software that will be sold by both companies to link Microsoft Office with mySAP, allowing the desktop applications to serve as a front end to the SAP software. General availability is slated for the second quarter.

Around the same time, SAP will deliver the next releases of the mySAP Business Suite and SAP Global Trade Services, with a new version of SAP Analytics following closely behind. The next major release of NetWeaver is scheduled for the third quarter. Also due for general availability in 2006 is a new release of SAP xMII, which connects shop-floor systems and business operations.

SAP laid out development plans for its xApps composite applications. SAP will debut 100 analytical and 50 productivity xApps next year, as well as numerous mobile and voice xApps. Voicemail xApps, for example, will initiate work alerts and flow the information into voice mail.

SAP is testing with a few customers "Google-like" search and index capabilities for SAP applications that it's co-developing with Intel. And it's working with Cisco Systems on a project aimed at selling pre-configured systems of routers, servers, and applications to small businesses.