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Facebook Reverts On Privacy Rules

Information Week
InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

Editor's Note

Microsoft's Promising New Mobile Store-y

Hoots of derision from some quarters aside, it looks like Microsoft has decided on a new course of action that doesn't rely on "but we're Microsoft" as the underlying basis for its strategy.

Microsoft made big news twice in the space of a week. First, it announced that it will open physical retail stores; then, it simultaneously introduced an upgraded mobile operating system featuring a new user interface, Windows Mobile 6.5, and unveiled a major deal with LG.

The technology blogosphere reacted to the store announcement with typical condescension, all too happy to remind Microsoft of its past failed attempt at retailing.

Maybe we should all be a little more constructive. This is a critical juncture for Microsoft. It's in deep trouble on a number of fronts -- from its loosening stranglehold on desktop productivity applications to shriveling server and browser market share.

It is also suffering from a bit of an identity crisis as it seeks to redefine itself from a software company to a cloud-friendly company, albeit with a lot of baggage.

Retail is the best and surest way for Microsoft to literally put its mobile products front and center, ensuring that its products (not iPods and PlayStations) get preferential treatment.

It's critical for Microsoft to reach consumers -- all you have to do is look at how consumers forced enterprises to allow the iPhone to see why.

CEO Steve Ballmer is hip to this (Ballmer and hip in the same sentence?), telling the Financial Times that "the time has come for us to take the full Windows experience to mobile phones."

I'm not ready to bet that Microsoft's stores will be a blow-out success, but I do think Microsoft can find new momentum in mobile.

For my full analysis of the situation, click here.

Michael Hickins
[email protected]

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Facebook Reverts On Privacy Rules
Social networking site's CEO reverses course on new polices that drew fire from users.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Vulnerability Being Exploited

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Windows 7 File Sharing Tool Released

Microsoft ships trial version of software designed to let PC users securely share personal files.

Verizon Lays Out LTE Plans

In order to combat Sprint and WiMax, Verizon Wireless will deploy an LTE-based 4G network next year.

Sun Delivers Open Source Protocol For Encrypted Devices

The communications protocol aims to help Sun's users and business partners more flexibly handle encryption keys while sidestepping costly licensing fees.

Nvidia's Licensing Dispute With Intel Heats Up

The Intel license makes it possible for Nvidia to ship graphics technology in Intel-powered PCs from major computer makers.

Nokia Rolls Out 8-Megapixel Smartphone

The Nokia N86 packs an impressive camera, is powered by Symbian S60, and has Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth.

Nintendo DSi Making U.S. Debut In April

Among the unique features on the DSi is two 0.3 megapixel cameras, one on the external body and the other pointing at the user when the device is flipped open.

Google Wins Street View Privacy Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania judge said Google didn't violate the Boring family's privacy rights by taking pictures of their residence from a private road and publishing the images online.

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Another Line Of Haiku (The OS, That Is)
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Amazon's Cloud Is Too Cloudy
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One Charger To Rule Them All
The GSM Association announced at Mobile World Congress yesterday that most phone manufacturers will use an energy efficient charger with a universal Micro-USB connector. There are a number of benefits, including less money out of consumer's pockets when they get a new phone as they won't have to buy extra chargers for travel or replacement car chargers to fit their new phone.

MWC 2009: First Impressions Of The New Android Phone
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MWC 2009: HTC's New Android Phone Can Shoot Video
InformationWeek will have a full hands-on report about the new HTC Magic soon, but I wanted to share with you right away that there's one really interesting new feature. Android can now record video.

How Uncle Sam Is Already Saving Money With IT
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