Business Objects and Purisma Announce Technology Partnership

Business intelligence and customer data integration will come together.
Ventana QuickTake™

Business Objects and Purisma announced today that Business Objects will integrate Purisma's customer data integration (CDI) technology with its recently announced enterprise information management (EIM) solutions. Purisma's technology will provide the basis for reconciling and delivering consistent, reliable customer data. Together with the new Business Objects EIM platform, this alliance promises to deliver comprehensive analytical reporting functionality to enterprises implementing business intelligence reporting on large scales. The combination should provide enterprises with a more integrated and complete solution to manage their customer data. The Business Objects EIM initiative is directed toward helping organizations implement accurate, integrated and timely information. Business Objects believes that Purisma's Customer Registry fits into this strategy as a CDI component for accurate correlation and assembly of data for customers, organizational hierarchies and various business relationships.

This partnership promises an integrated solution, as yet unavailable, for current Business Objects customers and others with a specific requirement to reconcile and integrate customer data for reporting. Much will depend on how successfully Business Objects can integrate the Purisma technology into its EIM stack. And the announcement begs the question of other master data objects such as products, vendors and organizations. That is, does Business Objects envision delivering a more comprehensive solution to cover all the master data objects required for integrated business performance management reporting? If not, though welcome, this will leave business leaders with the dilemma of choosing other solutions for their other master data management requirements, which then would need to be integrated with the Business Objects solution. Ventana Research recommends that existing Business Objects customers consider this solution if they have a specific focus on customer data and need to make reconciled customer information available for business reporting. Other organizations would do well to look at the wider market, which may offer a more comprehensive solution for their master data needs.

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