Emergency Medical Associates Simplifies Access to Trusted Information With BusinessObjects

Medical management company migrates to BusinessObjects XI Release 2 and extends the power of business intelligence to more users.
Emergency Medical Associates (EMA), a physician-owned, privately held medical group that manages 17 hospital emergency rooms in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas, has standardized on BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to take advantage of new capabilities that make it dramatically easier for physicians, hospital administrators, internal IT staff, and partners to obtain the exact reports and in-depth analysis they need, when they need it. EMA migrated to BusinessObjects XI Release 2 with assistance from Kanbay International's Adjoined Consulting LLC, a full-service management consulting and technology integration firm and Business Objects partner.

EMA uses the company's Emergency Medicine Analysis and Reporting System (eMARS) to track hundreds of thousands of patient interactions per year, drawing data from multiple sources, including patient management and tracking, clinical documentation, physician work hours, physician satisfaction, and payroll. Developed in 2001 using Business Objects software, eMARS provides dashboards, scorecards, reports, interactive analytics, and ad hoc query capabilities to help users manage emergency room performance and monitor patient satisfaction. EMA also uses these dashboards to scour for unusual spikes in various medical symptoms reported in the emergency rooms, providing the first fully functional, widespread bio-surveillance system in the United States.

"BusinessObjects XI Release 2 is truly groundbreaking in making it easier for our business and medical teams to work with the information they need to do their jobs," said Jonathan Rothman, director of data management at EMA. "With more of our physicians, hospital administrators, and partners having simple self-service access to reports and analytics -- in a form they can easily understand -- we are becoming a far more efficient organization. In addition, the visually and functionally superior performance management capabilities of the BusinessObjects XI platform will play a direct role in our ongoing efforts to improve patient care in our emergency departments."

BusinessObjects XI Release 2 has improved access to eMARS in several key areas. Enhancements to BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, the Business Objects web-based query and analysis tool, has put easy-to-use report authoring and advanced drill-down capabilities into the hands of more users -- from physicians to hospital administrators. This allows these users to quickly get the information they need without turning to internal EMA resources for assistance. Web Intelligence now synchronizes data from multiple sources, including OLAP and relational databases, so users can perform query and analysis on the disparate data as if it originated from a single source. Additionally, improved security has enabled EMA to share analytics with partners while ensuring protection of sensitive information.

EMA has also used the improved performance management capabilities of BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to make it easier for users to perform in-depth analysis. Display improvements and new visual effects let users see more business information in their dashboards and scorecards, and sophisticated drill-down capabilities allow them to access more information in less time. With expanded predictive capabilities, EMA will be able to perform more sophisticated what-if scenarios.

As a mid-sized organization with a limited IT staff, EMA worked closely with Kanbay's team to complete its upgrade to BusinessObjects XI Release 2. "Kanbay's unique onsite consulting model and its strong offshore delivery platform complemented EMA's efforts," said Kevin Reid, managing director of Kanbay's Business Intelligence practice. "With the rich user interface, enhanced capabilities, and scalable infrastructure of BusinessObjects XI Release 2, EMA will be able to extend these functionalities to the operational areas of the organization. In partnership with Kanbay, Business Objects has certainly made the migration manageable and self contained."

"EMA is a great example of how business intelligence drives business innovation. Over the past few years, EMA has used Business Objects products to dramatically improve their efficiency, performance, and patient care," said Donald MacCormick, vice president of product marketing at Business Objects. "Now, BusinessObjects XI Release 2 has removed more of the hurdles to end-user adoption of business intelligence, enabling EMA to drive this innovation further into its organization to achieve even greater results. For example, the new dashboard visualization techniques allow EMA staff to understand and act on more information at a single glance. In addition, new ad-hoc capabilities increase the range of analysis which end users can perform for themselves, allowing the EMA physicians and emergency room directors to look for new and innovative ways to enact positive change for the organization and for their patients."