Intelligent Enterprise Top-Ten Stories of 2008.

How-to articles trump news and trend pieces yet again.
"Practice refrigerator journalism." This bit of advice, offered by a professor of the noted school of journalism at Washington University, encourages reporters and editors to deliver news that people can use — stories so useful they just might cut them out and put them on the refrigerator as a handy reference.

Okay, so you probably won't see a lengthy tome on business intelligence or data warehousing up on a refrigerator, but the readers of Intelligent Enterprise have made it clear, through their clicks on eight out of this year's top-ten stories, that they favor stories that are useful and instructive. So without further ado, here's our top-ten list for 2008:

Top-Ten Stories of 2008
1. Intelligent Enterprise 2008 Editors' Choice Awards
2. Column-Store Databases and DW Appliances: How to Make the Right Choice
3. Special Report: BI Megatrends 2008
4. How to Choose Among the Four Bright Lights of BI
5. Kimball University: Should You Use and ETL Tool
6. Kimball University: Microsoft SQL Server Comes of Age for Data Warehousing
7. Six Steps to Better Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning
8. Kimball University: Data Stewardship 101
9. Operational BI: Getting Real-Time About Performance
10. BPMS Watch Rates 11 Business Process Management Suites

Some articles are so useful, instructive and timeless, they turn up on our top-articles list every year. Here are the five most popular articles of the year published prior to 2008:

Top-Five 'Evergreen' Articles
1. Business Process Management 101: The Basics of BPM and How to Choose the Right Suite
2. Business Intelligence 2.0: Simpler, More Accessible, Inevitable
3. Slowly Changing Dimensions are Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3
4. Kimball University: The Subsystems of ETL Revisited
5. BI Scorecard: The Best BI Tool

Thanks for visiting Intelligent Enterprise throughout the year and have a happy and healthy New Year!