TDWI's Business Intelligence Report: Integrated Suites Gaining Popularity

Most organizations still purchase best-of-breed products from multiple vendors.
The Data Warehousing Institute has announced the release of a new report entitled "Enterprise Business Intelligence: Strategies and Technologies for Deploying BI on an Enterprise Scale". The report focuses on the benefits of BI tool consolidation and standardization, as well as appropriate strategies for transforming BI from a cluster of fragmented departmental tools into a true enterprise resource.

The report is based on an extensive survey conducted by TDWI in the winter of 2005, as well as various industry interviews conducted with BI practitioners, analysts, consultants, and report sponsors. The survey’s 594 qualified respondents consisted of corporate IT professionals (62 percent), BI consultants (26 percent), and business sponsors/users (12 percent). Survey respondents came largely from the United States (63 percent), working for companies of varying size, as measured by annual revenues.

Several interesting findings emerged from the survey responses, including:

  • Organizations have, on average, 3.2 BI tools from different vendors and 13 BI tools altogether
  • While most organizations still purchase best-of-breed products from multiple vendors (55 percent), the purchasing of an integrated suite from a single vendor is gaining popularity and nearing best-of-breed purchases in prevalence (46 percent)
  • The top challenge for BI-tool standardization efforts is individual resistance to change, according to 48 percent of respondents
  • Only 9 percent of organizations have performed an ROI assessment of their BI standardization efforts
  • The top three reasons cited for the purchase of multiple BI tools are: different user requirements (54 percent), departmental purchasing autonomy (42 percent), and lack of functionality in a single-vendor toolset (41 percent)