The 2021 IT Job Market: What a Year

Remote work and pent-up demand fueled a frenzied job market in 2021. IT pros sought higher salaries, and CIOs focused on retaining talent.

Jessica Davis, Senior Editor

December 20, 2021

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Some of the most visible transformations that were accelerated by the pandemic happened in the workforce. Fear of job loss was a big theme in 2020. But in 2021, the switch was flipped. Now more workers are looking to trade up in their jobs, finding new opportunities in a job market of expanded opportunities enabled by remote work.

After a year of salary stagnation for many, IT pros were looking for new opportunities with higher salaries -- and they were finding them. Organizations shifted their focus to retaining existing talent through “wellness” programs and training their existing talent on skills needed to compete in today’s market.

For the first time ever, “remote” work topped the list of geographies in job advertisements, placing above New York and San Francisco for technology jobs, according to a report from The Ladders.

Remote work continued to be a major theme in 2021 as companies set and then delayed plans for a return to the office, over and over again. At the same time, tech vendor providers of office collaboration tools for remote work refined their product offerings and sketched out a vision for a long-term future that incorporated remote work as a major component.

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