Intel Intros Modular Server For SMBs

Intel has released a modular server system aimed at SMBs with enterprise storage and processing power needs.?That noise you just heard was the sound of Intel blowing the doors off the rest of the small and midmarket with delivery of its new Intel Modular Server, a combination of storage and CPU horsepower that's the only one of its kind in this space,? according to the CMP Channel Test Center, which reviewed the product.

The blade server, which can be configured for Web hosting and for running e-mail systems and business applications, is aimed at organizations with 50 to 300 employees. It has a total capacity of 2 TB of storage, houses six dual- or quad-core servers, and integrates Layer 2 switches to enable an end user to eliminate an entire layer of infrastructure. SMBs minding their IT budgets will appreciate that built-in flexibility.

Pricing for the Intel Modular Server ranges from $7,000 to $32,000, with operating system and other software sold separately. While costly for smaller businesses, "total cost of ownership and return on investment could counter those concerns," Test Center editors say.InformationWeek, ChannelWeb

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