2012's Most Memorable Reader Comments

From Apple's iPad Mini to outsourcing, you had plenty to say. Take a look back at some of this year's heated technology discussions.

In September, InformationWeek's Rob Preston wrote a commentary called "Sorry, But Outsourcing Isn't Evil."

Here's what reader 'twiddler99' said:

"Echoing the entitled attitude of the corporate elite, and quoting statistics on the ubiquity of offshoring does not make the practice ethical. It is unpatriotic."

Reader 'bfreedman940' took a more pragmatic approach:

"IT outsourcing is merely a management tactic. Outsourcing isn't good or bad. Outsourcing isn't a guarantee of success. It is legal and ethical. If done right it, it can create competitive advantage and economic gain. If done wrong it is a costly drag on success."

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In mid-October, editor-at-large Paul McDougall offered up his thoughts on the recently debuted Windows 8. At the time, he had good things to say about Microsoft's new OS, and opined that for the first time in a while, it was now Apple's turn to catch up. The worlds of Microsoft and Apple fans collided once more.

'Jreid631' said:

"Apple has had a habit of telling you how you're supposed to use your computer. Windows had always been the friend to the power user, allowing you to fit the experience to your own needs, not forcing you to work inside of their parameters."

On the flipside, reader 'johnitguru' said:

"Incredible horse manure. MicroKlunk has NO APPS and worse their interface is so FUGLY no one wants to be caught dead using it! "

And then there was this one from RitchieSmith (I wonder if that's a pseudonym for Danny Bonaduce):

"Win8 looks like the Partridge Family's bus."

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November saw the end of David Petraeus' career as the director of the CIA. One of the biggest head- scratchers about the whole scandal was how Petraus and his mistress apparently used Gmail to coordinate their activities.

Readers like 'Austin IT' found it mind-boggling:

"Seems they would have been better off using disposable cell phones to communicate. Hard to believe our top dog would use Google services ... for an affair no less. Sheesh."

Reader 'FT1' was a little more critical:

"The director of the CIA doesn't know about Email encryption like PGP or ofshore VPN and email services like Unspyable. I worry about the jokers running governments these days, top down."

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And that brings us up to December. Paul McDougall expressed concern about alleged lagging sales of Windows 8, and wondered if Microsoft should pull a "Coke Classic" and bring back a more familiar version.

Reaction was unsurprisingly swift, on both sides.

Reader 'Ks2 Problema' agreed:

"Microsoft ignored what consumers wanted and just about everything usability experts have taught us and created a confusing, inefficient mess."

Reader 'llynn' was maybe just a little bit harsher:

"Microstupid once again showed us all that they could careless about what the consumer wants and they care ONLY for Insane Obscene ASTRONOMICAL Pofits!"

Reader 'dsdsds' however posed this question:

"If 40 million in sales (not installed, but on the books for MS financially) in one month is fizzling, how many million in sales is just doing OK?"

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