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News Reaps Rewards from New Customer Ratings and Reviews Solution from Bazaarvoice

Customer-to-customer conversations on increase sales, attract new customers, and improve merchandising strategy.
CompUSA, Inc. has implemented the Bazaarvoice solution to enable customer ratings and reviews on Bazaarvoice, based in Austin, Texas, is a new company that helps online brands enlist their customers in building their businesses.

The giant computer retailer reportedly implemented the Bazaarvoice solution in less than 10 hours of IT time to offer its customers the ability to rate and review any of the company's products available online. The results quickly exceeded CompUSA's expectations. Visitors who came to the CompUSA site after finding a customer review on AOL, Google, MSN and Yahoo! had a 50 percent higher conversion rate and spent an average of 20 percent more per order than the typical CompUSA visitor.

"We are very pleased with Bazaarvoice's immediate and direct impact on sales," said George Coll, vice president of business services and corporate strategy at CompUSA. "Customer reviews boosted our natural search results and drove tens of thousands of new visitors to our site over the holidays."

CompUSA initially considered building a customer ratings and reviews platform in house, but decided the Bazaarvoice solution was more cost effective. Additionally, Bazaarvoice brought best practice functionality and services to bear.

Bazaarvoice manages the entire customer ratings and reviews process, from technical integration and hosting to rules-based review and analysis of the customer ratings. Bazaarvoice also provides a dedicated community management team that works with clients to create actionable insights and derive maximum value from their customer-to-customer content.

Reviewers at share personal experiences with a product, as well as insights that can be used to improve marketing, merchandising, and product development. For example, after one reviewer complained about the ineffectiveness of a broadband booster, another reviewer responded with detailed information about enabling the setting with their Internet Service Provider. This data, which was not originally provided by the manufacturer, resulted in CompUSA product managers feeding information back to the supplier and launching a plan to develop networking FAQs on the site.

"CompUSA is a fantastic example of a company that is using credible and relevant customer-to-customer conversations to build their brand, increase conversion and sales, and better understand their customers," said Bazaarvoice founder and CEO Brett Hurt. "Word of mouth is the most important marketing trend of 2006, and CompUSA is embracing this by putting their customers' voices at the center of their business."