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G1 Users Get Voice Search With Update

An over-the-air software update will be pushed to G1 users over the next two weeks and will add Google's Voice Search application.

T-Mobile's HTC G1
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T-Mobile G1 owners soon will get an over-the-air software update that should fix a few bugs and add Google's Voice Search application.

The application gives text search results to voice queries, and Google introduced it on Apple's iPhone 3G platform last year. The application can also use location data to help a consumer find the nearest gas station, restaurant, or other area of interest. An Android version has been expected, and it could be especially convenient on the G1 because it means users won't have to flip open the screen to get search results.

Some were surprised that Google released the app for a rival platform before voice search came to its own mobile operating system, but the iPhone has sold far more units than Android at this point. Additionally, iPhone users have a tendency to search and surf the mobile Web more than users of other devices.

According to an administrator in T-Mobile's official forums, the firmware version 1.1/RC33 has been pushed out to a small number of users already and will be sent to all G1 users in about two weeks. The update also will fix a few bugs, give users the ability to save pictures or files by long-pressing an item, and will check for system updates.

Some G1 fans may be disappointed that this firmware upgrade isn't the much-awaited "Cupcake" update, which is expected to bring features like video recording, improved browsing, stereo Bluetooth, and a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Representatives from T-Mobile describe the Cupcake upgrade as a "work in progress" that has no firm timetable.

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