IT Governance: Round Em Up!

The move toward IT governance has become a veritable stampede in recent years. But to seize

Executive Summary

Confronted with a dizzying array of distributed applications, IT struggles to deliver consistent business value, much less keep IT costs in line. Leading organizations are now applying tools and methodologies for project and portfolio management (PPM), business systems management, service level management and more to gain visibility into existing IT investments and align them with business objectives.

Regulatory compliance demands, along with security, privacy and risk management concerns are driving interest in "IT governance." Some offer this term as an umbrella under which PPM and related activities share a goal of gaining a strategic perspective on applications and systems. IT governance involves putting business intelligence, process modeling and process management approaches that other departments employ to work on the IT function. Reporting tools in PPM and similar suites help IT executives discover the status, costs and business drivers of current projects and then perform what-if analyses to improve decision-making. Workflow and other features bring methodologies into focus for improving IT processes.