MapInfo Launches New Web Services Connectivity in Location Intelligence Application

Users can access dynamic location data via the Internet.
MapInfo Corporation, a global provider of location intelligence solutions, has introduced MapInfo Professional version 8.5, the first version of the company's location intelligence application with Web services connectivity. MapInfo Professional users can now access dynamic data available on the Internet and perform detailed analysis of information in a single environment to make better informed decisions about the location of assets, customers, constituents and competition.

MapInfo Professional v8.5 users can connect to Web services-enabled content and perform more comprehensive analysis of disparate forms of dynamic data. With Web services connectivity enabled via MapBasic, organizations in any industry can improve analysis of enterprise and external information. For instance, a retailer can quickly view customer profiles in a selected location for improved trade area analysis. Cable companies can receive real-time traffic conditions from the Yahoo! traffic feeds Web service to help service personnel more efficiently reach customers.

"With MapInfo Professional, we are able to analyze our client's data to quickly identify and graphically depict potential areas where they may be overexposed," said Bruce Norris, senior vice president, Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs, one of the nation's leading insurance brokerage firms. "MapInfo Professional v8.0 has proven very useful so far and we are looking forward to the release of v8.5 and the product's new Web services connectivity."

Users can now access the MapInfo Envinsa location intelligence platform and MapInfo's hosted Envinsa Online Services to location-enable existing data by attaching latitude and longitude coordinates to each piece of information. By location-enabling enterprise data and seamlessly incorporating real-time content via Web services, MapInfo Professional provides a user-friendly interface for retrieving, analyzing and bolstering enterprise information.

"With a single environment for accessing external Web services and analyzing enterprise information, MapInfo Professional is a comprehensive location intelligence application for organizations in any industry," said Michael Hickey, COO, MapInfo Corporation. "By location-enabling data and connecting with Envinsa, other Web services and enterprise applications, we are delivering new location content and capabilities via MapInfo Professional that enable users to provide better service to their customers and make sound strategic and operational decisions that improve operational performance."