Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Details Leaked

A German consumer electronics website displayed photos and a product description of the new mouse that is expected to include Microsoft's BlueTrack advanced optics technology.

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Microsoft appears to be getting close to releasing a new mouse dubbed the "Arc Touch," which has a curved palm rest designed to fit the palm of a hand. Similar to a traditional optical mouse, it glides over surfaces and allows touch-based scrolling in place of a scroll wheel. The Arc Touch is expected to have Microsoft's BlueTrack advanced optics technology, which gives a mouse the ability to be used on smooth surfaces and even carpet.

The Arc Touch can be bent flat for storage or transport. It reportedly has a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver that plugs into a system's USB port for connectivity, a battery indicator and a symmetrical design making it easy for people who are either right-handed or left-handed to use.

A German consumer electronics website, showed pictures of the Arc Touch briefly on Wednesday before removing them and a product description. The site now says the product is "no longer available." Photos of the Arc Touch reveal the device consists of glossy plastic at the finger rests, metal and rubberized material for the palm.

The Arc Touch Mouse expected to be an update to the Arc Mouse, which also folds up, has a wireless range of 2.4 GHz up to 30 feet, a scroll wheel, a battery status indicator, four customizable buttons and a snap-in transceiver. It is expected to compete again the wireless Apple Magic Mouse, with Multi-Touch technology for users running OS X. It retails for $70.

The rumored price of the Arc Touch is $69.95.

In terms of nice-to-have features in a mouse, "I'm for more buttons on my mouse, not less,'' said Mike Morgan, a senior analyst at ABI Research, noting that multiple buttons are great for programming different functions when working on complex documents like spreadsheets. While he wasn't familiar with the Arc Touch, Morgan said overall, other ideal mouse features include wireless connectivity and an ergonomic design to protect from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.